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This startup seeks to identify water problems before they become crises

Friday 20:55 GMT

See: Swiss startup that filters plastics out of water is eyeing U.S. and China markets. The Invesco Water Resources exchange-traded fund PHO, -2.02% , which tracks a basket of 35 stocks with an emphasis on midcap and smaller-cap companies that make products aimed at water conservation and purification, has gained 21% in 2019.

The idea for smart water startup Ketos came to her after 16 years working in infrastructure and data-center management in the U.S., where Sankaran completed undergraduate and master’s degrees in engineering, having arrived in the country with just four one-hundred-dollar bills given her by her father.

1 Article
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'Super-smeller' helps develop swab test for Parkinson's disease

Thursday 05:09 GMT

Scientists have developed a test for Parkinson’s disease based on its signature odour after teaming up with a woman who can smell the condition before tremors and other clinical symptoms appear.

The test could help doctors diagnose patients sooner and identify those in the earliest stages of the disease, who could benefit from experimental drugs that aim to protect brain cells from being killed off.

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