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Source: New York Times

In Florida, Extraordinary Obstacles for Changes to Gun Laws

Today 06:05 GMT

Where a troubled teenager used a legally purchased military-style semiautomatic rifle to kill 17 people at a high school this past week — extraordinary political obstacles would have to be overcome before any real changes in gun laws could occur.

In the wake of Florida’s latest shooting massacre, and calls to tighten its relaxed gun laws, Gov. Rick Scott declared that now, everything was on the table.

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Source: Washington Post

Virginia’s House Republicans finally put their weight behind Medicaid expansion

Today 06:04 GMT

The plan sets up a confrontation with the state Senate, which is also controlled by Republicans and has signaled that it will not include Medicaid expansion in its budget proposal, which was due out later Sunday.

Virginia’s Republican-controlled House of Delegates has created a draft state budget that expands Medicaid, dropping years of partisan resistance in the face of pressure from newly empowered Democrats.

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Source: Global News

Blackface skit in China’s Lunar New Year gala prompts racism accusations

Sunday 20:55 GMT

A skit on China’s widely-watched Lunar New Year gala on state television featuring a Chinese actress made up to appear African has provoked accusations of racism online.

London police constable apologizes for blackface photos posted on Instagram. A black woman playing her daughter declares that she wants to study in China but is worried her mother will not agree. The actress, Lou Naiming, appeared on stage in colorful garb with her face and arms colored brown, carrying a fruit basket on her head, and accompanied by someone costumed as a monkey.

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Source: New York Times

A Chef’s Dream to Restore an Ancient West African Grain

Friday 11:48 GMT

He hosts multicourse feasts, centered on the grain, eager to expand its audience and fuel its demand, and he talks about it with devotion and authority at conferences.

He recently founded Yolele Foods, which imports the grain, grown and processed by these cooperatives, to the United States, and he plans to open a large-scale mill in Dakar. Thiam’s dream is that as fonio finds more fans in the U.S., it will do the same in Senegal, and that one day in Dakar, fonio will be just as easy to find as a baguette.

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Source: Washington Post

Bipartisanship in Virginia does not extend to gun legislation

Friday 21:53 GMT

In the past election cycle, the National Rifle Association donated $54,630 and the Virginia Citizens Defense League gave $56,000, according to data from the Virginia Public Access Project.

Wright chairs Subcommittee 1 of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee, which is where most gun bills go and never come back in the Republican-controlled House. This year his subcommittee has killed a host of bills, including one that would have required a minor to get parental permission before keeping guns in the home.

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Source: CBS News

Fans sport African attire to early shows of “Black Panther”

Saturday 16:21 GMT

Though it could hardly be called authentic, several people came to shows of "Black Panther" dressed as another royal fictional African figure: King Jaffe Joffer from "Coming to America." The all-star cast of "Black Panther" includes Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Daniel Kaluuya, Sterling K. Brown and Angela Bassett, and is directed by Ryan Coogler of "Creed."

Fans donned bright dresses, head scarves, tribal shirts and traditional African garb for the first showings Thursday of Marvel Studios' latest blockbuster.

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Source: The Guradian

Mitt Romney, Trump critic on the right, poised for Senate run in Utah

Saturday 12:40 GMT

Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate, is poised to announce his candidacy for a US Senate seat in Utah, marking a return to politics for one of the president’s fiercest conservative critics.

“Just as there’s no doubt that Mitt Romney will be the next US senator from Utah, there’s no doubt that Mitt Romney will become President Trump’s greatest Republican foe in the Senate.” One conservative strategist saw Romney as a lock to win election in Utah – and just as likely to become an irritant to the White House.

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Source: Fox News

Fox News Poll: Democrats more politically active than Republicans

Friday 21:52 GMT

A year into the Trump administration, the latest Fox News Poll finds an uptick in political activity among registered voters, with Democrats leading the charge.

“There does appear to be a participation gap and it favors the Democrats,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson. “The big question is whether Republicans who aren’t going to meetings or volunteering or contributing will do the main thing GOP leaders want them to do in 2018: show up on Election Day to save their congressional majorities.”

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Source: Washington Post

Rural legislator from southwest Va. breaks the ‘Republican Dam’ for Medicaid expansion

Saturday 01:32 GMT

A prominent Republican state legislator from southwest Virginia announced his support Thursday for expanding Medicaid, an about-face that could make it easier for other rural conservatives to get on board after four years of steadfast opposition.

House signals willingness to consider Medicaid expansion — but with strings attached]. Kilgore is the first House Republican to explicitly call for expansion, doing so in a Roanoke Times op-ed and on a radio program.

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Source: New York Times

With Blackface and Monkey Suit, Chinese Gala on Africa Causes Uproar

Sunday 04:15 GMT

“Wolf Warrior 2,” a wildly popular Chinese movie last year, was given a drubbing by African critics for its portrayal of an anonymous African country as a helpless, war-torn place that needed to be saved by brave Chinese soldiers.

The gala, televised by China’s state broadcaster, featured a well-known Chinese actress as an African woman with exaggerated buttocks, a large chest and a face painted black.

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Source: DW

Cyril Ramaphosa elected new president of South Africa

Friday 12:47 GMT

Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as South Africa's new president on Thursday, following the resignation of former incumbent Jacob Zuma .

Send Facebook Twitter Google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Who is Cyril Ramaphosa: Ramaphosa was elected leader of the ANC in December, narrowly beating Zuma's chosen successor — his former wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. DA party leader Mmusi Maimane said the DA would cooperate with Ramaphosa if he acted in the interests of the South African people,. "We will hold you accountable and I will see you in 2019 on the ballot box," Maimane said.

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Source: The Week

There's nothing futile about the gun debate

Saturday 10:50 GMT

While it's true that the GOP has wedded itself to the extremist ideology of gun rights advocates, there's nothing futile about opposing the NRA.

Even if gun violence can never be reduced to zero, we can pass gun safety laws that would actually reduce the unending carnage so many people would have us accept as an inevitable feature of American life. If you resign yourself to the pro-gun voters being more engaged on the issue and so you never try to get those who agree with you engaged, the engagement gap will only widen.

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Source: Fox News

Schiff threatens contempt against Steve Bannon after tense closed-door session

Friday 20:02 GMT

Schiff said that Democrats will push for initiating contempt charges against Bannon, a move that would require support from Republicans on the committee.

NBC News reported Thursday that Bannon was interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller multiple times this week as part of the FBI's probe into alleged Russian interference.

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Source: CBS News

How a law against redlining is spurring white gentrification

Saturday 14:31 GMT

The law was designed to correct the damage of redlining, a now-illegal practice in which the government warned banks away from neighborhoods with high concentrations of immigrants and African Americans.

The Community Reinvestment Act "is based on geography, so it's perfectly possible to comply with CRA and have that pattern," said Patricia McCoy, a law professor at Boston College who oversaw mortgage policy initiatives for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Barack Obama. "That's not the idea, of course, but the law allows it."

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Source: NBC News

Republican anti-immigrant ads, messaging can drive voter attitudes, studies show

Friday 15:26 GMT

Some Republican candidates' campaigns have defended their use of controversial immigration-related ads and messaging by saying it reflects their voters' hard line stances on the issues, but two studies find it also works the other way around.

"As Republicans double down on this message, anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment will continue to grow, and it is on Republican elites for driving this," said Collingwood.

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