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Hurricane Michael pummeled emergency operations center where town officials rode out storm

Today 10:50 GMT

When Hurricane Michael was bearing down on the Florida Gulf Coast, local officials in this small town (population 21,000) decided to bring their families to the building housing the police station to ride out the storm.

Incredibly, he said, not a single person who took refuge inside the structure, which was functioning as an emergency operations center during the storm, was injured.

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States Hit by Hurricanes Remind People to Vote, Despite the Destruction

Today 10:49 GMT

—Follow regular updates and insights from the campaign trail at WSJ.com/CampaignWire. Hurricane survivors could play key role in the midterm elections in North Carolina and Florida based on whether they show up to the polls in large numbers

The states were slammed by two hurricanes in quick succession—Florence in September and Michael in October—further complicating the high-stakes homestretch to the election.

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Travelers Profit Rises as Catastrophe Losses Shrink

Today 01:32 GMT

The insurer said Thursday its pretax catastrophe losses, net of reinsurance, totaled $264 million during the quarter due to Hurricane Florence and other storms, compared with $700 million a year earlier.

Florence caused between $1.7 billion and $4.6 billion in insured losses due to wind and storm surge, according to an estimate by catastrophe modeler AIR Worldwide. In contrast, insurers in the third quarter of 2017 faced three massive hurricanes—Harvey, Irma and Maria—that, combined, caused about $92 billion in insured losses, according to Swiss Re.

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A week after Hurricane Michael, rural residents feel stranded

Friday 20:02 GMT

In the week after the catastrophic Hurricane Michael, residents have watched supply trucks and federal emergency officials come through the rural town of Alford, population 400.

Lillian Chance couldn’t leave her street for days until a neighbor chopped away the fallen trees that blocked her pothole-filled path. She was unable to get inside her trailer until an old friend sliced off branches of the cedar that had collapsed on it.

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Florida's Republicans feel brunt of hurricane in upcoming election

Friday 20:57 GMT

Two days after Katherine Shimonis returned to her home in the Florida Panhandle to find it destroyed by Hurricane Michael, she went to her local post office, which was empty and without power, and shouldered her way through the front door.

“It was like gold to me; it really was,” said Shimonis, who like many in storm-ravaged northwest Florida worried she might miss out on a chance to vote in November’s congressional and gubernatorial elections.

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White man who shot three black men during Hurricane Katrina pleads guilty

Friday 15:27 GMT

A man who shot and wounded three black men as they attempted to evacuate New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina has pleaded guilty to a hate crime, according to the Department of Justice on Thursday.

Roland Bourgeois Jr, who is white, will face five to 10 years in prison for the shooting which occurred in the chaotic aftermath of Katrina, and after which he allegedly shouted racial slurs and said: “Anything coming up this street darker than a brown paper bag is getting shot.” FBI special agent in charge Eric Rommal said of the federal investigation that led to the plea: “Even though these crimes and Hurricane Katrina occurred over 13 years ago, the FBI does not forget.”

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In North Carolina, hurricanes did what scientists could not: Convince Republicans that climate change is real

Friday 08:05 GMT

While President Trump continued this week to deny the effects of climate change in the face of overwhelming scientific agreement that it is occurring — most recently noted in a landmark United Nations report that he has dismissed — a discernible shift appears to be occurring among Republican voters in North Carolina, a state pummeled by two hurricanes in two years.

Moreover, nearly half of Republicans surveyed said that incorporating findings from climate-change scientists into local government planning is a good idea and three-quarters said real estate development should be restricted along flood-prone areas.

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The motel torn apart by Hurricane Michael – where dozens still live

Thursday 16:22 GMT

Simply getting through the day is a struggle at the American Quality Lodge, a low-rent motel where dozens of people are living in squalor amid destruction left by Hurricane Michael.

Vicki and her husband Wes Allen are stuck at the 135-room motel with their three children, including 17-year-old Allison Allen, who is seven months pregnant.

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Armed looters targeting homes and businesses in county ravaged by Hurricane Michael

Thursday 14:31 GMT

Deputies in Bay County, Florida, who are working in Hurricane Michael's shattering aftermath, have arrested about 10 suspected looters each night since the storm made landfall a week ago, according to authorities.

Jimmy Stanford told the News Herald in an article published Tuesday that the looters have targeted businesses and homes.

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A week after Hurricane Michael more than a 1,000 people still missing

Thursday 13:35 GMT

More than a thousand people were still missing on Wednesday a week after Hurricane Michael flattened communities across the Florida Panhandle, killing at least 27.

Before-and-after photos show how Hurricane Michael laid waste to a Florida beach community. Most of those missing are from Panama City and many are elderly, disabled, impoverished, or live alone, Marchetti said. Teams made up of hundreds of volunteers with the Houston-based CrowdSource Rescue organization were searching for more than1,135 people in Florida who lost contact with friends and family, Matthew Marchetti, co-founder of Houston-based CrowdSource Rescue.

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Hurricane Michael offers Scott and Gillum political opportunity amid ruins

Thursday 12:41 GMT

Rick Scott, the Republican governor who is seeking to unseat long-serving Democrat Bill Nelson from the US Senate, has been directing Florida’s response to the hurricane that killed at least 21 people and destroyed or damaged thousands of homes.

Hurricane Michael’s ill winds could be about to blow some good for two big names seeking high office in next month’s midterms, even as the slow recovery from the 155mph monster storm that tore apart areas of the Florida Panhandle one week ago continues to keep them from the campaign trail.

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Many Floridians Still Lack Cell Service After Hurricane Michael

Thursday 10:52 GMT

The Federal Communications Commission head said he plans to investigate the “completely unacceptable” failure of wireless providers to fully restore service after Hurricane Michael slammed into Florida’s Panhandle. “The slow progress in restoring wireless service in areas close to where the hurricane made landfall is completely unacceptable,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement Tuesday.

“I’m staying out here to try to keep away looters, to try to save what I can save,” Bernard Sutton, a 64-year-old cancer patient currently living out of a tent and broken-down minivan, told Reuters.

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