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Source: Fox News

Single sons contacted by 'hundreds' of women after dad's secret newspaper dating ad goes viral

Thursday 20:01 GMT

Three single American brothers were in for the trip – and surprise – of a lifetime, when they arrived in New Zealand for a post-Christmas family vacation only to learn that their funny father had placed a local newspaper ad urging eligible Kiwi women to meet his “wonderful, successful, handsome, alas unmarried sons" during their holiday stay, which went massively viral online.

“It's definitely an interesting way to meet people, it was fun meeting families and women — we had such a good time on this trip.”

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Source: BBC

Hundreds buy 'Brexit Box' amid food fears

Monday 12:40 GMT

Lynda Mayall, 61, said she bought a box to supplement her stocks of tinned food and toilet roll as she feared there may be "chaos" in the months after Brexit. A government spokesperson said there was "no need" to stockpile any of the items in the box.

James Blake said since his company, Emergency Food Storage UK, launched the Brexit Box last month he had sold more than 600. "We tried to put a box together that gives people the basics they would need, it's got 60 portions of main meals plus 48 portions of meat, a water filter and a fire starter in case they need to heat the water," he said.

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Source: BBC

Hundreds set off on new Honduran caravan

Today 11:46 GMT

It comes as thousands of Hondurans and other Central Americans remain stranded in Tijuana on the US-Mexico border after they walked for thousands of miles as part of a caravan in October.

US President Donald Trump, who railed against the earlier caravan ahead of the US midterm elections, tweeted on Tuesday that the migrants could only be stopped by a "wall or steel barrier" of the type he has been proposing be built on the US-Mexico border.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte