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Breast milk for adults Experts are divided on this ‘healing’ trend

Friday 21:51 GMT

“[Tamera is] sicky poo and I sent her an article on breast milk has healing properties and was okay with drinking my breast milk,” Tia said in her caption. “P.s., she’s had some before and I mean, she’s my twin.”

In an Instagram video posted Thursday, Tamera revealed that she was drinking her sister’s breast milk in an effort to boost her immune system. “Your breast milk is the best milk I’ve ever tried in my life!” Tamera exclaimed in the video.

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Source: The Guradian

A surreal stunner, human body parts and Napoleon-era Paris – the week in art

Today 19:05 GMT

Dorothea Tanning Not only one of the surrealist movement’s great women but also one of its last faithful exponents: Tanning’s art ranges from dream paintings to disturbing installations.

Why Girl With a Pearl Earring author Tracy Chevalier travelled the world to see every Vermeer painting. A new exhibition in Paris celebrates a potent mix of migration, music and anti-racism activism. And Nan Goldin is threatening a London gallery boycott over £1m gift from Sackler fund. Pixy Liao’s best photograph explores the link between open fruit, eating and sexuality. While Betsy Karel documents the masked musicians, military tanks and real characters of New York’s Times Square. Franz West’s clumsy papier-mache twists and wearable sculptures are utterly absorbing. Why photographers Diane Arbus and Don McCullin are two lone souls out in the world. And a stained-glass artist is looking to the celebrated Reliant Robins for inspiration. A San Francisco exhibition looks back at a controversial 1968 photo essay about the Black Panthers. Thousands of publicly owned sculptures in the UK collection to be catalogued in an online database. A free digital archive of aerial photos going back to 1945 captures a changing Britain. A family-run workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter reveals the art of watchmaking. If Beale Street Could Talk and Tommy Cash are among the picks of what to see in the UK this week. Data protection laws have changed in the UK, under an initiative called GDPR.

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Source: Reuters

North Korea warns of food crisis, slashes rations before next...

Today 14:30 GMT

North Korea has warned that it is facing a food shortfall of some 1.4 million tons in 2019 and has been forced to almost halve rations, blaming high temperatures, drought, floods and United Nations sanctions in a memo seen by Reuters on Thursday.

North Korea said it would import 200,000 tons of food and produce about 400,000 tons of early crops, but that it would still be left with a gap and from January would cut daily rations to 300 grams (10.5 ounces) per person from 550 grams.

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Source: DW

Mobile World Congress is about conversations, not devices

Today 14:30 GMT

This year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona takes place against a backdrop of tension between politics and technology.

The latest, fastest, snazziest system of mobile networking has been at the center of previous Mobile World Congress events.

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US must address North Korea's abhorrent human rights record at Trump-Kim summit, report urges

Today 14:30 GMT

“There is a clear nexus between human rights and national security: forced labor for the regime – labor that is likely being used as part of the missile and weapons program, and which is likely being used as a guinea pig population to test chemical and biological weapons,” asserted Olivia Enos, policy analyst for The Heritage Foundation and author of a new report titled: “Leveraging U.S. Law to Advocate for Human Rights in Talks with North Korea.” The report underscored that “diplomacy should be tied not only to concessions on its nuclear program but to human rights improvements,” noting that forced labor serves as a financial resource for the continued development of North Korea’s rogue missile and nuclear program.

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Human spirit climbs to another level in Free Solo

Today 09:55 GMT

While Free Solo is a film that cauterises cynicism, it would be a shoo-in for most gripping footwear commercial as well as best cinematography.

Alex Honnold’s solo and ropeless climb of the 3,000ft vertical wall of El Capitan in Yosemite has been called a great athletic achievement but this is absurd. It’s tempting to argue that Free Solo should win the Oscar for best documentary simply on the strength of its subject.

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Should you ever send nude pictures taken for an old lover to a new partner?

Thursday 16:20 GMT

According to Cosmopolitan, sending an explicit selfie past its stare-by date to a new lover really does pose ethical and practical dilemmas.

If that sounds too much like Kenneth “Civilisation” Clark, cite Picasso’s orgiastic nude etchings in his Vollard Suite or Tracey Emin’s paintings of herself naked and haunted by loneliness and grief. Art might just show someone so lacking in heart that they expect up-to-the-minute proof of a lover’s appearance that it isn’t like that.

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Source: BBC

How human food is changing wildlife

Friday 15:25 GMT

We're still trying to understand just how these environments - that now feature all these human food subsidies - are rearranging these communities [of wildlife]."

In an increasingly urbanised landscape, bears and other wildlife eat more "human food", which is shifting their behaviour and biology. A study in the journal Scientific Reports found that bears with a diet rich in human food hibernated as much as 50 days less in the winter.

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Source: The Guradian

'I can't even look at the cover': the most disturbing books

Friday 10:51 GMT

Last week we asked you to share the books that have most shocked or disturbed you – and boy, you guys responded with a passion.

Tomimber. “The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell was hard work to read simply because it was so graphic and disturbing and will remain as one of my most thought-provoking books of war and its awful effects.” This book destroyed me for weeks; it’s upsetting just writing a couple of sentences about it.”

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Voyage to the Garbage Patch: the female sailors taking on plastic

Thursday 06:03 GMT

The women, a mix of scientists, sailors, writers, and activists, collected those samples of plastic from the air, water, and ocean floor to be analyzed not just in Napper’s lab but in others across the world.

The bits that retained recognizable labels showed Japanese characters, indicating that they’d floated all the way across the Pacific.

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Climate change cause of most under-reported humanitarian crises, report finds

Friday 09:55 GMT

Climate change was responsible for the majority of under-reported humanitarian disasters last year, according to analysis of more than a million online news stories.

Sven Harmeling, the climate change lead for Care International, which commissioned the new report, said: “Not only are the people who live in the world’s poorest countries most vulnerable to climate change, but they are also the least equipped to address its increasing impacts. Media must not turn a blind eye to such crises and the role of climate change.”

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte