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What Americans get wrong about race in the U.S.

Tuesday 17:17 GMT

The growing economic divide between whites and blacks in the U.S. is far wider than most Americans realize, new research suggests.

Wealthy white Americans were most likely to overestimate racial economic equality compared with both low-income white Americans and black Americans across all levels, the study showed. For instance, for every $100 in wealth white families accumulate, Americans tend to think black families have built up about $80, when in reality it's closer to $5, based on analysis of the Current Population Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the study.

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The average salary is at a record high — but still lower than in 1999

Wednesday 18:13 GMT

The Census Bureau announced this week that real median household income rose to a record high in 2016 — but some labor market observers aren’t ready to cheer the increase.

In inflation-adjusted dollars, the current median household income of $59,039 is barely above the $58,665 (in 2016 dollars) an American household at the median earned in 1999. “It’s a number to be applauded, but it’s not a case of a rising sea lifting all ships,” said Jeff Strohl, director of research at Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce.

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They're household names now — but how did they get that way?

Thursday 16:23 GMT

Nine years later, Vosges Haut-Chocolat boasts annual revenues of nearly $100 million with distribution everywhere from Whole Foods to Starbucks.

Over the next five years, Edible Arrangements exploded across the globe, with more than 1,300 stores opening in nine countries. “I don’t think in business there is such a thing as growing too fast unless it gets out of control,” said Farid.

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Just 2.5 hours of activity per week can be beneficial — even doing household chores

Saturday 10:53 GMT

According to a recent study published in The Lancet, 2.5 hours of physical activity per week —? and researchers say this can include any type of activity — can reduce the risk of death by 28 per cent.

“What all the studies do confirm though, is movement daily is going to provide you with numerous benefits, so whether that is doing the housework, taking a long stroll or going for a walk, you decide your own dosage.”

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NBC's Sunday night NFL ratings dip from last year's week 3

Today 01:32 GMT

NBC’s ratings for the National Football League game between the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Redskins on Sunday night were slightly down from a popular week three match-up last season, although it was not known if this was linked to a controversy over NFL player protests during the U.S. national anthem.

Trump has charged that NFL games have been losing fans, saying in a Twitter post on Sunday that “attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN.

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