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Source: Fox News

Houston cops scrapping no-knock warrants for undercover raids

Today 04:13 GMT

Officers in Houston will now need to request a special exemption from its police chief’s office to conduct a no-knock raid, according to reports.

“The no-knock warrants are going to go away like leaded gasoline in this city,” Chief Art Acevedo announced during a town hall meeting Monday. The policy changes follow a drug raid on a home that turned into a deadly shootout in which two suspects were killed and five undercover officers were injured, the police chief said.

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U.S. Sales Prices Increase as Number of Houses Sold Drops

Today 09:00 GMT

As the number of houses entering the market in the U.S. continues to increase, January saw an annual home price increase across the country, according to Redfin’s monthly report Tuesday.

This decline in sales is reflected in several of the U.S.’ larger metropolitan areas: Annually, Philadelphia fell 34.3%, West Palm Beach, Florida, fell 26.2%, Chicago dropped 25.5% and Los Angeles was down 16.4%.

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Source: Reuters

Exclusive: Air Force to push Congress for military housing tenant...

Today 01:30 GMT

Aiming to grant military families far greater say to challenge hazardous housing, the U.S. Air Force told Reuters Monday it will push Congress to enact a tenant bill of rights allowing families the power to withhold rent or break leases to escape unsafe conditions.

Wilson said the Air Force is actively working with the Army and Navy to push a tenant bill of rights that would give military families a stronger hand in housing disputes.

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Source: CTV

House explosion reported in Calgary; multiple homes catch fire

Monday 22:44 GMT

There were reports of a house explosion in southeast Calgary with fire crews arriving to find one house engulfed in flames early Sunday morning.

MST, they received approximately 25 calls from Calgary residents in the city’s Douglas Glen Close area who said they were awoken by a loud explosion.

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