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Why Equifax stock could be a better bet than Apple in 2018


That’s because Equifax EFX, +2.74%  — at least according to a list from 24/7 Wall Street — is the most hated company in America right now, while Apple AAPL, +3.36%   is on Fortune magazine’s recently-released list of most admired companies.

Equifax jumps over this hurdle, as I reported last fall: Teal Linde, editor of the Linde Equity Report, recommended Equifax soon after its stock plummeted in the wake of the data breach.

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Indian government plans to issue ID cards to cows

Saturday 14:31 GMT

The Indian government's move to issue biometric-based unique ID numbers to cows and buffaloes in the country has raised eyebrows.

Send Facebook Twitter Google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Depending on the scheme's success, additional funds would also be allocated to monitor the nearly 300 million bovine population across the South Asian nation. The reasons given to justify the project are multifold: to keep track of the nation's cattle; protect them from smuggling gangs; help in taking care of abandoned animals and management of cow shelters, among others.

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Crossing Morocco on horseback

Tuesday 09:00 GMT

A monthlong horseback ride across the North African desert is not a vacation — it is an odyssey, said Saskia Burgess at the Financial Times.

Drawn by the limitless freedom of the open Sahara, I recently joined eight other travelers on a 594-mile guided ride across Morocco. It was beautiful but exhausting, and our obstacles ranged from an intense sandstorm to an encounter with some "curmudgeonly" camels.

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All the wild horses are extinct: study

Today 02:29 GMT

No need for The Rolling Stones to worry, there are no wild, wild horses left that could drag them away, according to the results of a new DNA study published on Thursday.

"This was a big surprise," said the study's co-author, Sandra Olsen, from the University of Kansas, before admitting that the lack of remaining wild horses on earth was "the sad part." Scientists studied the genomes of dozens of ancient and modern horses, before concluding that the Przewalski, which was saved from extinction in the 20th century, after being descended from horses domesticated in northern Kazakhstan some 5,500 years ago.

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