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Honduran, woman, 19, in migrant caravan scales border wall to give birth in US after 2,000-mile trip

Friday 11:46 GMT

– A Honduran woman is believed to be the first member of the migrant caravan to have a child in the United States after scaling the border wall with her family and giving birth within 24 hours at a San Diego processing center.

Border Patrol did tell Fox News that the family was “placed into immigration proceedings and released on their own recognizance on December 2.”. MIGRANT CARAVAN SHELTER SHUT DOWN OVER 'BAD SANITARY CONDITIONS' AS HUNDREDS MOVE TO NEW FACILITY. President Trump has vowed to stop migrants from entering the U.S. He’s ramped up rhetoric about the types of people seeking asylum and claims many in the caravan are hardened criminals and ready to wreak havoc.

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San Diego non-profits running out of space for migrant caravan asylum seekers

Saturday 16:20 GMT

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - A group of San Diego-based nonprofits claim they are running out of money and space to house, clothe and feed hundreds of asylum-seeking families ICE agents have been quietly bussing in and dumping onto the streets.

Sifuentes warns that “the need for migrant shelter and related services is expected to escalate in coming weeks as hundreds gather in Tijuana hoping to claim asylum in the U.S.”. Once asylum seekers are processed, federal agents drop off them off at various shelters and Greyhound bus stations around the city at the person’s request.

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Source: The Guradian

'I don't want to go back': what's next for the Central American migrant caravan?

Sunday 08:58 GMT

Inside the Tijuana migrant shelter that has become a home for thousands of Central American migrants, 55-year-old Carlos Gómez approached some strangers asking if they knew where he could find a job.

Pat Murphy, a priest at Tijuana’s oldest migrant shelter, la Casa del Migrante, said the newest Central American arrivals did not seem to have realized just how long it could take just to apply for asylum and what would be likely to follow: prolonged detention in US custody.

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Migrant group demand Trump either let them in or pay them each $50G to turn around: report

Thursday 03:20 GMT

Two groups of Central American migrants marched to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana on Tuesday with a list of demands, with one group delivering an ultimatum to the Trump administration: either let them in the U.S. or pay them $50,000 each to go home, a report said.

MIGRANT CARAVAN SHELTER SHUT DOWN OVER 'BAD SANITARY CONDITIONS' AS HUNDREDS MOVE TO NEW FACILITY. Others have either crossed into the U.S. illegally, moved to other parts of Mexico or have fallen through the cracks, the Union-Tribune said.

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