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Bea Arthur’s son recalls growing up with 'The Golden Girls’ star, addresses alleged Betty White feud

Thursday 22:45 GMT

The Bea Arthur Fund not only helps support the operational costs of the Bea Arthur Residence, but it also assists the center in obtaining additional sites to provide housing.

Saks is aware there have been some misconceptions about Arthur’s relationship with her castmates, specifically Betty White, who played naive Rose Nylund from St. Olaf.

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Source: Fox News

Fay McKenzie, actress and Gene Autry’s leading lady, dead at 101

Thursday 21:50 GMT

Fay McKenzie, a former silent screen child star who grew up to become Gene Autry’s leading lady, died at 101, Fox News has learned.

Despite her numerous accomplishments in Hollywood before turning 21, McKenzie is best known for being Gene Autry’s leading lady at Republic Studios for films like “Down Mexico Way” (1941), “Sierra Sue” (1941), “Home in Wyomin'” (1942), “Heart of the Rio Grande” (1942) and “Cowboy Serenade” (1942).

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Source: The Guradian

Bad girl gone good What to expect from Taylor Swift's mystery release

Thursday 23:40 GMT

Judging by the glittery countdown on her website, Taylor Swift is set to release something this Friday – presumably the first single from her forthcoming seventh album, known for now as TS7.

It’d be disappointing to see Swift on the back foot, and she’d be foolish to storm ahead as if her imperial phase wasn’t almost half a decade ago, but there is one retreat that would make sense without seeming defensive: if the hip-hop-referencing Reputation was the logical conclusion to the stadium-pop Swift perfected on 1989, a callback to Swift’s Nashville roots would be a partial reset that would be believable and on trend.

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Tomi Lahren: California is the Golden State of Homelessness and climate change activists just don't get it

Thursday 17:16 GMT

These climate change groups conveniently ignore the many third-world style encampments and tent cities scattered throughout our Golden State of Homelessness.

If we are truly facing impending extinction due to global warming, do your part and walk your self-righteous behinds to your protests.

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John Singleton treated after stroke

Wednesday 06:04 GMT

Oscar-nominated director John Singleton - known for films including Boyz n The Hood and his remake of detective movie Shaft - is in intensive care after suffering a stroke.

The film's success saw Singleton become both the first African-American and the youngest person ever to be nominated for the best director Oscar.

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Video killed the Hollywood star: will vloggers take over the film world?

Tuesday 08:59 GMT

As well as high-school social intercourse, the film also marks how social media is changing the movies, and not necessarily for the worse.

Old Hollywood practices such as the “screen test”, the “audition” or the “talent scout” seem quaintly redundant in this new realm. It could spell the end for a whole tier of middlemen, not to mention that other notorious tool of movie-industry exploitation, the “casting couch”.

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