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Source: The Guradian

Statins lack desired effect for half of patients, study finds


Around half of patients who are prescribed statins do not see their cholesterol drop to desired levels within two years, new research suggests.

“There are complex reasons why patients choose not to take their prescribed medication, and mixed messaging around statins could be one of these.”

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Source: The Guradian

'On our watch we let it burn': Notre Dame fire leaves hole in heart of Paris

Wednesday 15:25 GMT

“It felt like I was looking at a bombing,” said Philippe Marsset, the vicar general of Notre Dame, one of the first to enter to survey the damage.

In the French national psyche, Notre Dame was more than a historic house of God; it was a marker, a reference point, even in secular France. The most-visited monument in the capital, attracting 12 million tourists a year, it is a symbol of literature and history, and is France’s “zero kilometre” point from which all road distances are measured.

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Source: Fox News

Bernie Sanders' plans will cost $20G per taxpayer, blow hole in budget, nonpartisan group's president says

Wednesday 15:25 GMT

Maya MacGuineas, the president of independent and bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, warned on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning that Bernie Sanders’ proposed policies could cost $20,000 per taxpayer. “If you look at healthcare, free tuition, family leave, child care – those proposals will all have a price tag of over $20,000 per taxpayer,” MacGuineas said.

BERNIE SANDERS, AT COMBATIVE FOX NEWS TOWN HALL, MAKES NO APOLOGIES FOR MAKING MILLIONS. But MacGuineas cautioned that Sanders hasn’t yet come up with a way to fully fund the proposals and will only significantly increase the deficit and the expense of the taxpayer.

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Statins 'don't work well for one in two'

Thursday 02:26 GMT

Cholesterol-lowering "statin" drugs taken by millions of Britons may not work well enough in about half of those prescribed them, research suggests.

"There are complex reasons why patients choose not to take their prescribed medication, and mixed messaging around statins could be one of these."

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Source: The Week

Trump's Yemen war veto is a moral horror

Thursday 20:00 GMT

We could consider that the outcome of Yemen's civil war will have little to no effect on U.S. security; that the Saudi coalition has armed al Qaeda-linked fighters in Yemen with American weapons and fostered conditions in which Yemen's al Qaeda branch has flourished; that our involvement lends unjustified cover to an oppressive theocracy's proxy war for religious and regional supremacy; that polling shows most Americans across the political spectrum oppose this intervention; or that our exit could help achieve the "negotiated settlement" Trump says he wants.

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'A whole generation has gone': Ukrainians seek better life in Poland

Friday 04:14 GMT

When the small business run by Kristina Melnytska’s father began to struggle in 2014 he did what hundreds of thousands of other Ukrainians were doing and moved his family to Poland.

“We have ended up with a whole generation that has gone,” said Irina Vereshchuk, a former mayor of Rava-Ruska, a town on the border with Poland. On Sunday the country will vote in a presidential election in which the television comedian and political neophyte Volodymyr Zelenskiy is expected to score a crushing victory over the incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, in a sign of just how dissatisfied people are with widespread corruption and the lack of economic opportunities over the past few years.

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Another airline passenger tosses coins at plane for good luck, gets whole flight delayed

Tuesday 08:05 GMT

While boarding a China Southern Airlines flight in the Guangxi Zhuang region’s capital of Nanning on Saturday, the female passenger reportedly tossed six coins at the aircraft for good luck, according to the airline.

The incident marks the fifth such instance of a passenger in China tossing coins at a plane in 2019, according to the Morning Post, some of whom were first-time fliers or traveling with first-time fliers.

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