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Trump blasts McCabe as a 'disgrace' to FBI, country

Friday 16:22 GMT

President Trump on Thursday blasted former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a “disgrace” to the FBI and to the country while criticizing his handling of the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and his work on the “Russia Hoax.” The president’s comments came after CBS News aired excerpts of an upcoming “60 Minutes” interview with McCabe, who is promoting a new book that will be published next week.

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Source: Fox News

FBI's top brass raced to handle Fox News inquiry on alleged quid pro quo over Clinton emails, new documents show

Thursday 13:36 GMT

A Fox News inquiry about an alleged quid pro quo involving a senior State Department official and Hillary Clinton’s classified emails apparently was so sensitive that then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was called on to give his approval, according to newly released emails disclosed as a result of a federal lawsuit.

They showed that the FBI's top brass quickly circulated Fox News' questions about an alleged offer from the State Department's then-Under Secretary of State for Management, Patrick Kennedy, to give the FBI additional personnel slots in Iraq in exchange for the FBI reducing the classification of a Clinton email.

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Source: The Guradian

‘Stronger together’: why Trump’s theft of Hillary Clinton’s slogan is tradition

Thursday 16:20 GMT

The quote is credited to one Donald J Trump – but another former presidential candidate noticed some similarities to her own 2016 slogan.

“stronger together” marks the first time the president has trumpeted the very slogan of a former political opponent, even as he continues to disparage her at rallies. It also has deep and disturbing roots in the history of American racism, as Sarah Churchwell has detailed.

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Source: The Week

The unaddressed sins of Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar

Thursday 20:55 GMT

This sort of honesty wouldn't be easy, but it would be refreshing — and it could be these former prosecutors' only chance to win the support of rightly skeptical voters whose commitment to criminal justice reform predates this campaign.

Though neither candidate has much in the way of position statements on her website yet, Harris' launch speech touted her history of "fighting for a more fair criminal justice system," while Klobuchar said she has advocated and "will always continue to advocate for criminal justice reform."

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