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He wanted snarky. She was sunny. He was still charmed.

Sunday 06:59 GMT

So, yes, he did consider his dream date to be a snarky coffee-shop girl who was “popular on Instagram without really trying.” But, no, it wasn’t really a dealbreaker if “she doesn’t know who David Foster Wallace is.”

Sam later explained he filled out the application with friends at a rooftop party on the Fourth of July, and some of his answers may not have been as clever or charming as they seemed after a few Coors Lights.

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10 stomachs, 32 brains and 18 testicles – a day inside the UK's only leech farm

Monday 12:42 GMT

The leeches that I have driven several hundred miles to encounter are freshwater, bloodsucking, multi-segmented annelid worms with 10 stomachs, 32 brains, nine pairs of testicles, and several hundred teeth that leave a distinctive bite mark.

That is a recipe for murder: a big hungry leech will eat from a small hungry leech, and sometimes the biting can get fatal. ‘“Maybe one leech has shrunk down to 300mg and it’s in a tank with a leech that is three or four grams.”

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte