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Ex-leaders of California Dems fostered culture of booze, sex talk and discrimination, staffers allege in lawsuit

Today 09:54 GMT

Current and former California Democratic Party staffers have filed a lawsuit against the party and its former chairman, Eric Bauman, alleging a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Among the allegations against Bauman, the suit claims he asked Rodriguez-Kennedy – who is president of the California Young Democrats -- about his boyfriend and openly speculated about their sex life, and engaged in unwanted touching.

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Leslie Moonves to Fight CBS Decision to Withhold $120 Million Severance

Saturday 02:25 GMT

CBS 2.02% head Leslie Moonves is challenging the company’s decision last month to deny him a severance package of $120 million, CBS said Thursday, a move that will further prolong a monthslong drama at the media conglomerate.

That was resolved at the same time Mr. Moonves resigned: National Amusements agreed not to push a merger of CBS and Viacom for two years, but a merger can still take place earlier than that if the two companies on their own decide to pursue it.

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Racist threats continue at GM’s Ohio plant where nooses were found, says lawyer

Saturday 20:54 GMT

Workers who sued General Motors after nooses and racist graffiti were found at its largest U.S. transmission plant nearly two years ago are still facing racial harassment, their attorney said on Thursday.

In the federal lawsuit filed last year, workers described finding three nooses attached to the plant ceiling in March 2017 and then two more nooses in the following months. Nazi symbols and “whites only” were written in the plant’s restrooms and white workers would call black employees racist names, the lawsuit said.

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