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'We never thought it would happen': Thomas Heatherwick's $200m gamble

Wednesday 01:30 GMT

Walking up the steps in leather shoes, a yellow scarf and a suit under his wool coat, British architect Thomas Heatherwick is climbing up the Vessel in New York City, his latest project at Hudson Yards, for the very first time with the public.

Aesthetics seems to fall secondary for Heatherwick, who truly wants to bring people together in a public space, both horizontally and vertically. “You’ve still got the space around but you’re getting miles of space, as well,” he says pointing upward to the top of the Vessel, while standing on its third floor.

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Trump fires back at Dems' court-packing push: ‘It will never happen’

Wednesday 17:16 GMT

“Well, It’s an internal affair, we will respect whatever the ballots tell us on 2020 but I do believe Donald Trump is going to be re-elected fully,” he said.

President Trump on Tuesday brushed off increasing calls from Democratic presidential candidates to pack the Supreme Court with more judges, accusing them of trying to “catch up” after losing at the ballot box. “We would have no interest in that whatsoever, it will never happen,” he said at a press conference alongside Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

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Todd Starnes: Sex offender reads to kids at library's drag queen story time -- How the heck did that happen?

Tuesday 19:05 GMT

The Houston Public Library says they mistakenly allowed a convicted sex offender to read books to small children during a Drag Queen Storytime event and many parents are wondering what in the name of the Dewey Decimal System is wrong with the librarians.

Library officials confirm that Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old drag queen who goes by the name Tatiana Mala Nina, was part of a recent children's program.

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This artificial intelligence predicts online trolling before it happens

Wednesday 17:16 GMT

Dr. Srijan Kumar, a post-doctoral research fellow in computer science at Stanford University, is developing an AI that predicts online conflict.

I have been able to investigate a wide variety of online misbehavior, including fraudulent reviews, hoaxes, online trolling, and multiple account abuse, among others. My methods have a dual purpose: first, to characterize their behavior, and second, to detect them before they damage other users.

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What happens when we run out of food?

Thursday 00:34 GMT

You might like: • The truth about nitrates in your food • Wet countries that are running dry • How meal times affect your waistline. “The food began to run out almost immediately,” recalls Trbonja, who was 19 years old at the time and now teaches school children about the war in Bosnia.

It is important to clarify that food shortages do not lead to famine and most famines are not caused by a shortage of food –  rather, the access to food.

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Catastrophe struck when my husband was killed. Here’s what I learned about creating a ‘what if’ plan

Wednesday 09:00 GMT

Chanel Reynolds is the founder of Get Your Sh-t Together, a website to help people be less vulnerable and more prepared for when life goes sideways, as well as co-founder of GYST.com and author of  “What Matters Most: The Get Your Sh*t Together Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance and Life’s ‘What-ifs’”.

Sitting in the parking lot of a Marriott Express in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, swigging a drive-through drink the size my head and trying to map directions to my cousin’s memorial service was not the location I imagined trying to have “the talk” with my brother, and realizing (again!) that I was living one accident or illness away from financial catastrophe.

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