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QuadrigaCX CEO’s friend, colleague offers insight into cryptocurrency mystery

Today 11:46 GMT

A former colleague and friend of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten says Cotten mused to him about being kidnapped for the vast fortune he controlled.

Nova Scotia judge briefly extends creditor protection for Quadriga exchange. Investments in the QuadrigaCX exchange are locked behind computer passwords that apparently vanished when Cotten reportedly died last December. And I think Gerry was aware of that, and I think he was kind of worried that something might happen.”

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Source: The Guradian

Pinterest shares leap 25% in spectacular New York stock exchange debut

Today 11:46 GMT

Pinterest, the digital pin board company, made a spectacular debut on the New York stock exchange on Thursday when its shares leapt 25% in its first few hours of trading.

The videoconferencing software company Zoom made its debut on the Nasdaq exchange living up to its name by surging 80% to $65.. Founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, a former Cisco Systems engineer, has also been shrinking its losses and lost just $7.5m in the year ending January 2019, down from $14m in 2017.

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Source: BBC

Strange Fruit: The most shocking song of all time?

Thursday 08:58 GMT

“Can you imagine never having heard this song before and realising what the strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees is? That’s something that unfolds in the time of listening, so that image of bulging eyes and twisted mouth jumps out at the listener.”

In his 2001 book Strange Fruit: The Biography of a Song, the writer David Margolick suggests the club, with its policy of complete integration, was “probably the only place in America where Strange Fruit could have been sung and savoured”.

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