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Source: The Guradian

NRA debuts new rating for Florida candidates backed by gun control group

Thursday 08:06 GMT

The National Rifle Association has introduced a new letter grade rating, “Fx”, for candidates endorsed by its political rival, America’s largest gun control group.

Everytown For Gun Safety, the group targeted by the new NRA rating, announced Monday that it would be spending $2m in Florida ahead of the midterm elections to support the candidates it has endorsed. The new Fx rating is the brainchild of Marion Hammer, the powerful 79-year-old NRA lobbyist who has dominated Florida politics for years, according to a source familiar with the ratings.

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Source: The Guradian

'Hammers and a hoe': Indonesia keeps digging as official tsunami search ends

Thursday 09:58 GMT

Villages in disaster-hit Palu have been transformed into mass graves as Indonesian authorities halted official large-scale search operations on Thursday – with thousands still believed to be missing.

In the areas of central Sulawesi affected by the tsunami and 7.5-magnitude earthquake that struck less than two weeks ago, the decision has left people angry, distraught and anxious for closure. Ade Irmayanti, 33, has been searching for her six-year-old nephew, Muhammad Gibran, in Palu since the disaster.

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Sale of Shredded Banksy Artwork Is Confirmed

Friday 18:13 GMT

Sotheby’s has confirmed the £1.042-million (US$1.4 million) sale of the self-shredded Banksy painting, Girl With Balloon, amid speculation that the buyer might back out given that the painting was “destroyed” at the end of last Friday’s auction in London. “Banksy didn’t destroy an artwork in the auction, he created one,” Alex Branczik, head of contemporary art Sotheby’s Europe, said in a news release on Thursday confirming that the buyer wouldn’t back out.

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Source: Fox News

GOP hammers ‘mob’ message for midterms, as Dems howl over label

Saturday 18:10 GMT

Egged on by Democratic politicians – are openly embracing a more confrontational and aggressive approach, banging on the doors of the Supreme Court, confronting lawmakers outside their offices and chasing GOP officials out of restaurants.

Republicans are quickly seizing on that spectacle to hammer a new midterm message, decrying the “mob” behavior and warning that Democrats would bring that mentality into the majority should they prevail in November's election.

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Source: Global News

Conservatives hammer Trudeau government for inaction on Canadian ISIS fighters

Today 03:21 GMT

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer blasted Justin Trudeau’s government over its handling of alleged Canadian members of the so-called Islamic State who are currently being held in Syria and are asking to return home.

“As much as we may loathe what these people stand for and what they’re doing in some cases, I think that putting them into prisons here and having them go through the Canadian justice system is obviously at the core of a society that’s rules-based and respects the rule of law.”

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