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France’s New Michelin Guide: More Fraternité Than Égalité

Today 05:12 GMT

Perhaps nothing represents the tradition of French cuisine more than the Guide Michelin, whose coveted stars can make or break restaurants around the world.

This year’s guide collided with the “Me Too” moment, when it awarded new stars to 57 French restaurants, only two of which have female chefs. “I was really shocked and angry because it’s been years that we don’t understand why, in the 50 new stars, there are no or very few women,” said Vérane Frédiani, a filmmaker who made a documentary about the search for female chefs around the world.

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Want to Ski Norway’s Beautiful Senja Island You’ll Have to Climb it First

Friday 12:43 GMT

Three friends and I were climbing up a narrow gorge, carved into a snow-packed peak on Norway’s Senja island, our skis strapped to our backs.

With three experienced ski friends on board, I bought flights to Oslo and Bardufoss, the closest airport to Senja, and booked accommodations for the week at Senja Lodge, a place I only discovered via my Norwegian friend. This fisherman’s house turned bare-bones hostel hosts skiers and mountaineers in Medfjordvaer, one of the largest villages on the island’s west coast.

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Widow of avalanche victim sues guides, lodge operator for negligence

Thursday 04:17 GMT

The widow of an Alberta man who died in an avalanche near Golden, B.C., is suing the guides, their mountain guide association and the lodge operator for negligence.

The notice of claim alleges the lodge operator, Golden Alpine Holiday Inc., one employee, two guides and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides ignored avalanche predictions, failed to communicate avalanche predictions to the group and failed to exercise reasonable care.

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