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The Guardian view on the first picture of a black hole: seeing is believing

Saturday 18:09 GMT

The fact that millions of us have seen the picture of the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55m light years away, is an undoubted step forward for humankind.

We have known about black holes since Einstein, but it was not until the 1960s that they were given that name (borrowed from British colonial history’s tale of an Indian prison, “the Black Hole of Calcutta”). Remarkable discoveries continue to be made in other fields: last month’s revelation of an enormous haul of fossils from the dawn of life on Earth 518m years ago is one example.

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Guardian culture critics: 'Art entangles itself with the raw reality of our world'

Saturday 23:38 GMT

That money bought sizeable pages for critics to fill and the cool-by-proxy lifestyle of fancy press trips, and enabled the excess that has, for worse, defined much of music culture.

The job of an art critic, as I see it, is to point to this art that matters that can raise us out of the banal to see everything afresh. My most rewarding Guardian experience was a pilgrimage in which I traced the works and wanderings of Caravaggio for a piece that filled a whole edition of G2.

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'Don't teach me democracy!': an uneasy audience with Indonesia's Prabowo

Sunday 11:45 GMT

Prabowo Subianto is not the type of man you want to inadvertently enrage – especially not while seated directly across from him in his private jet, flying thousands of feet above the Java Sea.

Weary of the media after he says he has been “bitten, not once but hundreds of times” by the foreign press, Prabowo tolerates questions from the Guardian, up to a point. After asking a series of questions about whether he is playing identity politics, cosying up to Islamist hardliners for political gain, an exasperated Prabowo unleashes a tirade.

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'Four women I hope my children never forget'

Monday 14:29 GMT

For 10 years Rebecca Henschke combined her role as the BBC's Indonesia editor with bringing up first one then two children.

As Rebecca Henschke reports from Jakarta, this has given rise to a striking phenomenon - the so-called "Crazy Rich" Indonesians.

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Notre Dame fire: Paris cathedral devastated by ferocious blaze

Wednesday 02:23 GMT

A fire that devastated Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris was brought under control by firefighters in the early hours of Tuesday morning, though officials warned there were still residual fires to put out.

Thousands of Parisians watched in horror from behind police cordons as a ferocious blaze devastated Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday night, destroying its spire and a large part of the roof.

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‘I’m having a good day,’ Trump says following release of redacted Mueller report

Today 12:40 GMT

U.S. President Donald Trump said he was “having a good day” on Thursday, following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, adding: “It’s called no collusion, no obstruction.” “There never was, by the way, and there never will be,” he said while at a Wounded Warriors event as the report was published online and submitted to Congress.

Mueller said there was “some evidence” suggesting Trump knew about former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s controversial calls with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office, but evidence was “inconclusive” and could not be used to establish intent to obstruct. Despite this, Trump’s legal team also reacted to the release by saying it is a “victory for the president.”

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte