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Suspect had 60 roosters, cockfighting equipment, drugs, NY authorities say


A man was arrested near New York City on Friday after authorities found him in possession of at least 60 roosters, an injured pit bull, cockfighting equipment and drugs, authorities said.

In their search of a second location, authorities discovered the birds and cockfighting equipment, at which point the Suffolk County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was called to the scene, Chief Roy Gross said.

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Claudia Pechstein Is a 45-Year-Old Olympian. So Why Is It So Tough to Cheer?

Tuesday 20:03 GMT

Claudia Pechstein needs a second to remember her first Olympics, but you’re willing to give her a break — it has been 26 years, after all.

Back then, Pechstein was just a kid, a 19-year-old competing as a speedskater for a unified Germany after growing up on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall. At those 1992 Olympics, Germany’s first after reunification, Pechstein shared a room with Christa Luding-Rothenburger, the de facto team mom.

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'Grossly impaired' illegal immigrant blamed for crash that killed toddler

Wednesday 20:56 GMT

An unlicensed illegal immigrant was “grossly impaired” when he crashed into an ambulance and killed a 3-year-old boy, court papers say.

Jose Duran Romero, 27, blew a 0.19 on a breathalyzer nearly two hours after the crash, more than twice the legal limit, FOX8 Winston-Salem reported late Monday. Court papers say Romero, who was behind the wheel of a Honda Accord even though he had never owned a driver’s license, had “bloodshot, glassy eyes,” slurred his speech and looked “grossly impaired,” according to the station.

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Friends ID’d as suspects in brutal death of California woman left to die on side of road

Thursday 05:10 GMT

The suspects arrested in the brutal killing of a 19-year-old who was left for dead Monday along a rural road outside of San Francisco were identified as friends of the victim.

Montana Howland, who told Fox 40 that he knows Leonardo, said she does not believe she is capable of killing unless Gross was controlling her. “We have a very dynamic crime scene on Tesla Road…I’m going to leave it at that,” Kelly said.

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Family speaks out after teen identifies alleged killers as she died

Thursday 11:47 GMT

The family of a Tracy woman who was stabbed to death spoke out Tuesday night after investigators in Alameda County released her identity earlier in the day.

"I would always see different people coming in and out of that house, so I knew it was probably something suspicious going on out there," said Antonio Moya, who lives nearby. Neighbors say Gross and Leonardo lived on Nadine Avenue in South Modesto for three years.

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Suspect arrested in brutal killing of teen left for dead 'not mad at her,' report says

Friday 05:12 GMT

One of the two suspects arrested in the brutal killing of a 19-year-old woman left for dead near a rural road outside San Francisco reportedly said in a jailhouse interview that he is not mad at her and did not mean to kill her.

Cuesta was eventually airlifted to Eden Hospital where authorities said she made a “dying declaration,” and ID'd two suspects in her killing. The declaration led to a “tremendous” amount of evidence and the arrests of Daniel Gross, 19, and Melissa Leonardo, 25, at their south Modesto home, The Modesto Bee reported.

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Insurance giant Aetna slams CNN for publishing ‘gross misrepresentation’ of company policies

Friday 17:17 GMT

Insurance giant Aetna has accused CNN of taking a deposition “out of context to create media and courtroom leverage,” and calling a report from the network “a gross misrepresentation.” Earlier this week, CNN published an “exclusive” story headlined “California launches investigation following stunning admission by Aetna medical director.”

CNN reported that California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones “expressed outrage” when he was shown transcript of testimony that he felt proved former Aetna medical director Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma “never looked at patients' records when deciding whether to approve or deny care.” CNN’s 1,700-plus word digital “exclusive” by senior enterprise writer Wayne Drash was also turned into a television segment and  Jones appeared on the network to speak out against the insurer.

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Mother of suspect in stabbing of teen left for dead says he's innocent, blames son's fiancee: report

Saturday 05:10 GMT

The mother of one of the suspects arrested in the brutal stabbing death of a 19-year-old woman left for dead on a rural road outside San Francisco reportedly pointed the finger at her son's fiancee Wednesday night, saying her son did nothing wrong.

Tracy Gross, whose son Daniel was arrested for the gruesome murder along with his 25-year-old fiancee Melissa Leonardo, called Leonardo the "mastermind" of the slaying, The East Bay Times reported.

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Trudeau asked to order a halt to collection of 'gross' Phoenix overpayments

Saturday 16:21 GMT

Unions representing more than 225,000 federal public servants appealed directly to the prime minister on Friday for an order to block the government from collecting more money from its employees than they received in overpayments through the troubled Phoenix pay system.

"Therefore, we ask that your government grant a remission order to exempt federal public service employees in receipt of overpayments from repaying the gross amount and only require them to pay the net -- the same amount they actually received," the letter to Trudeau states.

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Echoes of 1968 anti-Semitic campaign haunt Poland 50 years on

Sunday 18:11 GMT

As Poland marks the 50th anniversary of a notorious anti-Semitic campaign, some of its leaders call for a clampdown on historical debate and speak darkly about enemies within.

A forced emigre from Poland after the 1968 anti-Semitic campaign, Gross has been accused by some in PiS of being selective with the facts in "Neighbors" and, in effect, demonizing Poland. In 2000, Gross wrote his groundbreaking book, "Neighbors," in which he provided evidence that Polish Catholics in the northwestern Polish town of Jedwabne murdered most of the Jewish-Polish inhabitants of the town on June 21, 1941.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte