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Source: The Guradian

'My heart and soul is in grief': Muslims in Christchurch mourn victims of massacre

Sunday 07:08 GMT

In the silence that wrapped Christchurch after a day of sirens, many struggled to find the language for what had happened to the city.

Others headed for Christchurch hospital in hope of getting news about their loved ones, with dozens of Muslims still listed as missing. Where the cordon ended, people placed bouquets around a sign that read: “This is Not NZ”.

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Source: DW

Grief and shock, but 'still home' in Christchurch the day after terror attacks

Sunday 10:49 GMT

On Saturday, Nazari turned out to support the dozens of people at an emergency response center set up for friends and relatives of the victims of Friday's deadly terror attacks on two of the city's mosques.

Sutherland was among several people who compared the citywide trauma of the terror attacks to the series of earthquakes, some deadly, which struck the city starting in 2010. Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. "The last one was mother nature, but this is not mother nature.

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Source: Global News

Son recalls horror of father’s shooting as outpouring of grief continues in New Zealand

Sunday 16:19 GMT

New Zealand PM says Christchurch shooting suspect planned to continue his attack. Every Friday, Yasir Amin and his dad had ambled along the path toward the mosque where they prayed together in peace, a routine so serene and so ordinary that Amin was nearly blinded by confusion when the man drove up with the gun.

So Nasir began making routine visits to see his son, sometimes spending up to six months in New Zealand before returning to Pakistan to tend to his crops.

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Source: Reuters

Confusion, grief as hunt for remains from Ethiopia crash halted

Saturday 15:24 GMT

Body parts and personal effects were still strewn across the crash site of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 15, a witness told Reuters, five days after the disaster and the day before recovery efforts were halted.

Until that is done, confusion remains over dual nationals, and the citizenship of seven people onboard the flight is still not public, diplomats told Reuters.

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