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Jim Pattison, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg honoured in Vancouver Walk of Fame event

Today 11:44 GMT

Canada’s Walk of Fame 2018 inductees: Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir, Seth Rogen and others. The honour was bestowed on billionaire Jim Pattison and comedic duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg at a “Hometown Stars” event at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

‘She let nothing stand in her way:’ Viola Desmond honoured with Walk of Fame star in Halifax. “We would … like to thank the 7-11 that was across the street from Point Grey [Secondary], in Kerrisdale, where we would have the best Slurpees and fountain drinks in all of Vancouver.” The pair thanked a variety of other Vancouver institutions including the (now defunct) A&B Sound, the Naam vegetarian restaurant, Wreck Beach and “the jukebox at the Cambie Youth Hostel where we would procure cannabis at times when it was hard to procure.”

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Gold ends at 2-week high, up for the week on reports of Sino-U.S. trade-talk progress

Today 10:49 GMT

Gold futures marked the highest finish in two weeks Friday, as progress in trade talks in the final day of this week’s round of U.S.-China trade negotiations was seen as bullish for the yellow metal, overshadowing strength in the dollar and a pick up in global equity markets.

Progress on trade negotiations can be bullish for gold because China is one of the biggest purchasers of the yellow metal, commodity traders said.

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Toddler’s ‘heart of gold’ shows up on X-ray

Thursday 10:51 GMT

Doctors examining a toddler at a hospital in California got a sweet surprise on the X-ray: a perfect outline of a heart in the baby’s chest.

When swallowed, button cell batteries can badly burn a child’s throat. So, the doctors removed the gold pendant through endoscopy. “In addition, it is difficult for children to swallow liquid and food when an object is stuck there, and so they can get dehydrated and malnourished.”

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Source: The Guradian

Disco style lights up Michael Kors’ New York show

Thursday 18:11 GMT

It might have been 10am, but this was a night to remember: Barry Manilow, dressed in an orange sequin jacket, was joined by Patti Hansen and a chorus line of models to sing Copacabana at the Michael Kors’ fashion show in New York.

In a venue on Wall Street, guests - including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and Kate Hudson - walked the black carpet, sprinkled with gold confetti leading to a darkened room beneath a collection of chandeliers and disco balls.

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Diplomatic gold Joint North Korea-South Korea Olympic bid faces...

Wednesday 14:30 GMT

If North and South Korea succeed in their long-shot bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympics, any athletic feats at the Games may be overshadowed by the political achievements needed to make it happen.

“A North-South Korea joint Olympic hosting will fit the Olympic spirit to a T - promoting peace, reducing war and building relationships,” said Kim Yeon-chul, Director of Korea Institute for National Unification. “But in order for it to happen, everything has to go together - resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue, the U.S.-North Korea relations, and the acceptance of the international community.”

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Source: The Guradian

Steve Kerr ejected as Warriors' winning streak ends at hands of Blazers

Friday 12:41 GMT

With a drama-filled victory over the Warriors that included the ejection of Golden State coach Steve Kerr, the Portland Trail Blazers got a confidence boost heading into the All-Star break.

Despite the loss, which ended an 11-game winning streak on the road, Golden State still go into the break with the best record in the Western Conference. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry each had 32 points for the Warriors, who rested DeMarcus Cousins following a victory at home over Utah the night before.

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