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Advocates cry foul after Ontario officials alter nursing home inspection report without explanation

Thursday 22:45 GMT

The Ontario government will not explain the reasons why it altered an inspection report to extend the deadline for a nursing home to fix serious problems, including physical abuse, during a Global News investigation.

Fewer than half of provinces in this country have minimum care hour requirements; Prince Edward Island and Manitoba are closest to what Ontario was looking at with 3.9 and 3.6 hours of care, respectively.

1 Article
Source: Global News

‘It just gets worse’: Resident, families, former staff voice care concerns at Ontario nursing home

Wednesday 08:59 GMT

Families, former staff members and a resident of the Park Lane Terrace long-term care home are speaking out about conditions at the small town Ontario home, desperate for increased staffing levels and better care.

Nearly 90% of Ontario long-term care staff experience violence: reports. But family members and former staff tell Global News things haven’t improved since the summer. For PSW Jessa Grosvold, working conditions at Park Lane became so “stressful” and “toxic,” she left a job she once loved in October 2018, after 11 years.

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