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GoFundMe to helicopter stranded Canadian nurses to Haiti airport beats goal by over $7,000

Saturday 08:03 GMT

Eight nurses from Canada are currently trapped in a compound in the community of Grand Goave, Haiti, and their supplies are running out.

Canadian embassy closed as violent protests in Haiti trap Quebec tourists. They could try to make it to the airport over the weekend, but the GoFundMe page said they wouldn’t be able to sleep in the airport, forcing them to the streets of Port-au-Prince.

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Reading horoscopes is an addictive ritual, even in a world of skeptics

Sunday 01:28 GMT

Worth added horoscopes have gone through a rise in popularity recently, and while it is not new, technology has allowed people to access their horoscopes on a much larger scale.

“While astrologers bring their own biases and experiences into writing horoscopes, there is always a common thread based on your zodiac and it is nice to just give some belief to the stars,” she told Global News. “Sometimes you just need a little guidance and ritual to keep yourself grounded; if you’re not a particularly religious person or if you don’t have a strong family structure… astrology is just a click away.”

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Oil by rail shipments collapse amid Alberta government production cuts

Saturday 14:29 GMT

Months after hitting record highs, the amount of Canadian oil being shipped by rail has fallen by more than 50 per cent as major oil companies, like Suncor and Imperial, put the brakes on their oil-by-rail operations.

READ MORE: Alberta orders 8.7 per cent oil production cut to help deal with low prices. According to the National Energy Board, 330,402 barrels per day of Canadian crude oil was shipped by rail during the month of November 2018.

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