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Secret Santa claims co-worker Googled cost of present, asked for an additional one

Today 04:14 GMT

The co-worker fires back that $120 is out of the budget for a Secret Santa gift, causing the woman to call them “disgusting” and then asks for the $20 — which the co-worker now refuses.

According to an anonymous post on Reddit, a mother allegedly reached out to her Secret Santa gifter to both say thank you for the presents, and ask for another one. Christmas is all about getting presents — at least that seems to be the case for one woman.

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How to give gifts that truly pay off for friends and family

Today 01:30 GMT

This story is part of the second year of a MarketWatch series, “Gifts that pay off.” Between now and Dec. 25, we will look at gifts that could potentially earn the recipients money or improve their lives.

By “investments,” we don’t mean just stocks or ETFs, but gifts that will help your family, friends and children be happier, get smarter and save time, or create new opportunities. Luckily, the academy has been hard at work studying why we sometimes fail at gift giving and how we can do better.

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The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season

Monday 00:34 GMT

We might draw these people in a secret Santa exchange, bump into them at a holiday party, or sit next to them at a large family dinner; loving difficult people (even during the holidays) is never an easy task.

My mom has always told me that I have a strong sense of justice – that’s her motherly and loving way of telling me that I don’t always give people as much grace as I could when I feel like I’ve been wronged; I focus much more on what is “fair.” Many of my friends frequently come to me for “vent sessions” because I’ll be the first person to say “UGH – you did NOT deserve that!” or “Well, if they were so rude or inconsiderate, how can they expect you to be polite or nice in response?

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Source: The Week

18 homemade treats that make perfect holiday gifts

Monday 08:58 GMT

This year, I'm going beyond the average cookies, tea cakes, and granola I know and love and putting a little extra time and effort into some really special, really unexpected homemade treats.

All of this is to say that it can be challenging to give gifts that feel really special for everyone, especially during the holidays. Over the course of the year, I try my best to note the things people love or need, but the holiday hustle often means I'm scrambling to gather presents all at once.

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Holiday gifts 2018: The best presents under $50

Monday 13:35 GMT

Slippers are a holiday classic, and these knit ones from Simons offer rubber inserts, a sherpa lining and a cozy trim for extra charm.

So, to avoid overspending and struggling to decide what to buy who, the Global News Smart Living team gathered this year’s trendiest gifts, all under $50. Whether you’re shopping for your parents, partner, best friend or kid sibling, here are gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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