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Source: The Week

The kids are all Democrats

Monday 21:52 GMT

To reverse their decline, Republicans would have to make inroads either with Generation Xers or with even younger voters.

It gets even worse for the GOP: A 2017 Pew poll found that fully a quarter of young Republicans had defected to the Democrats since 2015. Nor does the increasing progressivism of America's youngest voters seem to be driven by short-term reactions to particular political figures or developments.

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Source: BBC

The country breeding a generation of chess whizz kids

Monday 21:52 GMT

I head past them to Chess House and the real hub of activity - upstairs in the main hall, rows of long tables are lined with chess sets, with about 200 children deep in play.

"Armenia has always enjoyed a strong link with chess, but Tigran's victories were the revolution for us," explained Smbat Lputian, president of the Armenian Chess Academy. He shows me around the academy, a smart three-storey building in dazzling white, in a neighbourhood otherwise dominated by Soviet-era grey apartment blocks.

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