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Source: Fox News

Former AG Michael Mukasey calls out Chris Cuomo for 'misleading' coverage of Mueller investigation

Thursday 15:25 GMT

A former attorney general has slammed CNN host Chris Cuomo, accusing the host of "misleading" his audience about the Mueller investigation.

Additionally, some conservative politicians have rallied for the investigation of those who conducted the investigation into President Trump, specifically in regard to the legitimacy of the FBI's bid to secure a FISA warrant against former Trump adviser Carter Page.

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Source: Fox News

Attorney general of Montana wants Chick-fil-A to open more locations within the state, says 'Montanans don't discriminate'

Wednesday 02:25 GMT

Also a Republican candidate for the state’s 2020 gubernatorial race – took to Facebook with an open letter to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, imploring him to consider opening more locations in the Treasure State.

“Politicians in some states may think it’s okay to discriminate against others based on their religious views, but that’s not how we do things in Montana,” wrote Fox. He later referenced recent controversies surrounding the San Antonio International Airport’s decision to exclude Chick-fil-A from its concessions area, as well as the Buffalo Niagara International Airport’s decision to do the same, following accusations that the chain’s foundation had donated to charities espousing anti-LGBTQ views.

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Source: DW

Spain prepares for third general election in four years

Wednesday 18:10 GMT

As Spain prepares to hold its third general election in four years, the first of two televised debates among the leading candidates was held on Monday, with the second going ahead on Wednesday evening.

After the first televised debate among the candidates, Spain's current prime minister, Pedro Sanchez is still holding a 30% share in opinion polls. But he is unlikely to be an outright winner.

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Source: Reuters

Indian PM Modi votes in third phase of mammoth general election

Wednesday 06:04 GMT

Voting began in the third and largest phase of India’s staggered general election on Tuesday, including in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat and in opposition Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi’s seat in southern Kerala.

Modi addressed an election rally in western Maharashtra state on Monday and mentioned the attacks on Sri Lankan hotels and churches on Easter Sunday that killed 290 people.

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Clinton press secretary says Barr lied about Mueller report, is not a 'principled man'

Tuesday 15:26 GMT

President Bill Clinton’s former press secretary has gone on a blistering attack against Attorney General William Barr, accusing him of lying to the American people and of not being an “incredibly principled man.” Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart went on the offensive during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” on Monday morning.

“I never expected Barr to do anything that would be respectful to the members of Congress or to include us in any real way,” she told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, joining colleagues fuming over the decision by Barr to hold a press conference before releasing a redacted version of the report.

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Source: The Guradian

Greta Thunberg backs climate general strike to force leaders to act

Tuesday 18:10 GMT

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, has given her support for a general strike for the climate, saying the student movement she inspired needs more support from older generations to ensure politicians keep their promises under the Paris agreement.

Speaking at a public event in London as Extinction Rebellion protests continued in the capital, the initiator of the school strike for climate movement was typically frank about the scale of the problem the world faces and the impact her campaign has made.

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