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Germany deports convicted 9/11 accomplice Motassadeq to Morocco

Today 11:46 GMT

Back in Morocco, one of Motassadeq's brothers was more sanguine about his fate: "God has protected him for 15 years in prison and he will continue to protect him, because he is innocent.”

In the transcript, Motassadeq is funny, joking with Summers and his translator that it was "fate" that he had come to Germany to study, and laughing at his first impression of Germany being cold — as he'd arrived in the winter. Several sources have suggested Motassadeq was "devout," even "deeply religious" when he first moved to Germany.

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Source: Fox News

Farrah Fawcett maintained close bonds with family, friends after becoming famous, says pal: ‘She loved being part of a family’

Sunday 08:59 GMT

Farrah Fawcett’s heavenly features may have captivated audiences across America as the beloved blonde pinup from “Charlie’s Angels,” but one pal insisted the Hollywood sex symbol was completely down to earth when cameras stopped rolling. “I loved going to her beach house and spending the weekend with her getting manicures and massages and reading fashion magazines,” her best friend Alana Stewart recently told Closer Weekly.

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Source: BBC

Widowed bride's final photos with her groom

Friday 18:13 GMT

At first glance, it's a normal, sweet wedding album - tearful parents, friends applying make-up to a nervous bride, children giggling.

Kendall Murphy, the groom, had been killed nine months earlier, and Jessica is alone in her wedding dress next to his grave in the US state of Indiana. At first glance, it's a normal, sweet wedding album - tearful parents, friends applying make-up to a nervous bride, children giggling.

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Source: CBS News

Home Depot workers build lemonade stand for boy who wanted raise money for friend with cancer

Friday 21:53 GMT

An 8-year-old Florida boy wanted to raise money for a family friend who is battling an aggressive form of childhood cancer.

He and his mother went to a Home Depot for supplies to build a lemonade stand, except they received a lot more than that. Dawn Redmon and her son, Christian, called the Home Depot store in Apopka with the hope that they'd considering making some sort of donation or giving a discount on the items to build the lemonade stand.

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Source: CBS News

Group of friends carry girl with disability so she could enjoy Florida beach

Friday 23:41 GMT

A group of old college buddies from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, sprung into action when they saw a family who needed help carrying a girl with a disability to a beach in Florida last week.

One of their friends caught the act of kindness on video and told CBS News on Thursday it was all about being "in the right place and right time." During a trip to Tampa Bay for a wedding, Dustin Smalley and his mates were taking a break after a game of a volleyball at St. Pete's Beach last Friday – when they saw a woman having trouble getting her daughter with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair across the sand.

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