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Source: The Guradian

Apple has always been a control freak. But is it guilty of abusing its monopoly power?


Because Apple has always specialised in control freakery and doesn’t allow anybody else to use its iOS platform without prior approval, the App Store was from the beginning owned and controlled by Apple.

US tech analyst Ben Thompson, the most perceptive observer of all this, puts it this way: “Apple profits handsomely from having a monopoly on iOS: if you want the Apple software experience, you have no choice but to buy Apple hardware.

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Source: The Week

What's a yield curve inversion and why is everyone freaking out?

Wednesday 21:51 GMT

The yield curve is just the difference between yields on two different bonds that have the same quality, but different maturity dates.

The market for U.S. Treasuries is the biggest and most influential bond market in the world, so usually when people talk about a yield curve they're talking about Treasury bonds. Even then, they could be talking about 10-year minus 2-year Treasuries, 5-year minus 3-year, 5-year minus 2-year, etc.

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Source: CBS News

The "yield curve" is inverting (gasp!) -- should investors freak out?

Thursday 19:06 GMT

If you've heard lately that the "yield curve" is inverting, your response might range from curiosity about what that portends for the U.S. economy to, perhaps more likely, the kind of drowsiness brought on by arcane financial jargon.

"Current rates of consumption, investment and employment growth in the major developed markets are not historically consistent with an impending recession," UBS analysts wrote in a research note this week.

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