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Watches & Wonders Miami Offers A Sneak Peek At Bold New Collections

Saturday 19:04 GMT

Occurring just weeks after dozens of these brands presented their 2019 novelties at Geneva’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), Watches & Wonders Miami offers American watch enthusiasts a first look at new designs and two brand new collections, in particular, that are generating buzz for the year ahead.

When the second edition of Watches & Wonders Miami opens on February 15, several brands will be showcasing their newest models in the U.S. for the first time.

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Should stock-market investors freak out over an ‘earnings recession’ These charts say no

Friday 15:26 GMT

The potential for a 2019 earnings recession — or two consecutive quarters or more of year-over corporate earnings declines—is providing another source of worry for investors uncertain about the durability of the stock market’s rebound from a December rout.

Instead, the S&P 500 posted an average gain of 3.9% in the three months ahead of the first quarterly earnings fall, and rose by an average 6.6% and 8.5%, respectively, in the six- and 12-month periods, with those returns even higher when economic recessions are taken out of the mix, Belski said.

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Review: America through the lens of Diane Arbus ?????

Today 11:44 GMT

Looked at from another perspective, however, and you can see the sensitive, striving artist that was Diane Arbus in every single one.

Arbus not only admired the range and depth of characters to whom Chaucer gave literary life, but also the "tenderness" with which he treated them. It was a humanity she strove to replicate when photographing the discriminated against, the sort of people from whom most turn away but she looked upon with empathy.

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