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Ontario is under one-man rule. Who will stop Doug Ford?

Saturday 11:45 GMT

Last year, while Conservative MPs in London held a confidence vote on Theresa May’s leadership, in Ontario, Conservative MPPs (Members of Provincial Parliament) were competing with each other to be the first to leap up and give rousing standing ovations each time the populist premier Doug Ford or one of his cabinet ministers spoke in the house.

The glimmer of hope in all of this is that people are starting to mobilise and there is renewed interest in replacing first-past-the-post elections with proportional representation, a move that would prevent a repeat of the one-man rule Ontario is currently suffering.

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Los Angeles Teachers Begin Strike

Tuesday 12:39 GMT

The strike comes after nearly two years of contract bargaining between the Los Angeles Unified School District and the United Teachers Los Angeles union, including recent interventions from city, county and California officials who unsuccessfully sought to avert the first such walkout in 30 years.

LOS ANGELES—Teachers in America’s second-largest school district began to strike Monday, pushing this city into the nationwide wave of growing educator activism and raising the pressure on a district already under financial strain.

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McDonald's employee seen using slur against customer has been fired, franchise owner confirms

Today 12:41 GMT

A McDonald’s franchise owner in Florida has confirmed that a fast-food employee caught on camera using a racial slur against a customer has been fired.

“You’re getting fired!” the customer adds, pointing at not only the employee who uttered the slur, but also the two other employees, one of whom was on the phone, reportedly to police, and telling officers that the customer had “threatened to kill” her manager (an allegation that wasn’t confirmed by the footage) and sliding open the drive-thru window (which the customer appears to do at one point). The employee who uttered the slur also returns to the window to add, “I will f--- you up, you f---ing n-----.”

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