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Paco Alcacer at the double as Wales forget their lines against Spain

Friday 17:17 GMT

Ramos’s goal, on his 159th appearance for his country, could not have been any easier as the Spain captain exposed some shambolic Wales defending from a free kick.

This was the first time that Wales have played at the Principality Stadium since 2011 and it turned into an ordeal for Ryan Giggs and his players. Outplayed and outclassed by Spain, the home side were comprehensively beaten on a night when the only saving grace was that the scoreline was not more emphatic.

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Breakingviews - Review: Forget robots, capitalism is the future

Saturday 17:15 GMT

American capitalism was lucky in both the era of the nation’s origins and its parentage, Greenspan and Wooldridge argue.

There’s a sense, though, that any dodgy patch or downturn is almost always due to a failure of something other than capitalism. This is the case right up to the financial bubble that ended in the 2008 crisis, which Greenspan’s Fed helped to fuel.

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Forget the Wall Street carnage. To read the economy, look at how much Americans are eating out

Sunday 15:24 GMT

Retail sales is the headliner on the week’s economic calendar, but a smattering of other reports are likely to confirm that, yes, the economy is still humming even if Wall Street has lost the tune.

The economy doesn’t always slow right away, however, and interest rates are still so low that it’s likely to be awhile before they begin to hinder growth. Read: Presidents bashing the Fed - LBJ even got physical - is not a winning strategy. What’s more, the economy has plenty of momentum.

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Forget the Social Security increase, this is why seniors are in trouble

Tuesday 20:57 GMT

Here’s what the Social Security Administration says:. if you begin taking Social Security at age 62, you’ll get 70% of the monthly benefit—because you retired five years before your full retirement age.

Since more people retire at 62 than any other age (because that’s the earliest they can tap into Social Security), let’s use that as a benchmark. If you’re an average, single middle income earner and retire at that age now, you’ll get $17,532 from Social Security next year.

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