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Source: DW

Head of Berlinale on the film festival's most unforgettable moments

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

Dieter Kosslick has headed the Berlin Film Festival since 2001, turning it into the largest public film fest in the world.

Erika Rabau, shown here taking a well-earned nap at the 1995 festival, was the Berlinale's official photographer from 1972 until shorty before her death in 2016.

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Source: ABC News

3 dead after massive, 'unforgettable' snowstorm pummels North Carolina: Governor

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

Three people have died in North Carolina after a massive, "unforgettable" snowstorm pummeled the state, the governor said Tuesday.

Dropped staggering amounts of snow, ice and rain across North Carolina, with a year's worth of snow falling in some places in just one day. Beyond the three confirmed storm-related deaths, one additional death is under investigation, Cooper said Tuesday.

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Source: Fox News

'A Moment I Will Never Forget': Perino on 10 Years Since Iraqi's Shoe-Throw Left Her With Black Eye

Saturday 15:25 GMT

Dana Perino marked ten years since the infamous Iraqi shoe-throwing incident that saw President George W. Bush ducking a journalist's flying shoe and the "Daily Briefing" host receiving a black eye.

Perino, who was White House press secretary at the time, joined Bush and then-Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki at a Dec. 14, 2008 press conference where the two leaders opened the floor to the Baghdad press corps.

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Source: Fox News

Forget society's standards, here's the secret to a truly beautiful home

Today 00:34 GMT

My wife and I arrived early for the party and offered our hosts the first thoughts that entered our mind, “Your new home is beautiful. Thank you for having us over.”

In fact, often times, reducing the square footage and/or the number of possessions in our home allows us to better realize those ideals that make a house a home. When our money, time, and energy is not spent accumulating and caring for things that don’t matter, we have more resources available for the things that do.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte