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Mark Rylance takes on Shakespeare establishment in authorship row

Sunday 01:29 GMT

For decades Sir Mark Rylance has been raising doubts over whether William Shakespeare wrote all the plays and poetry that bear his name.

In particular, he attacks the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the charity that oversees Shakespeare heritage sites in Stratford-upon-Avon. In a foreword for a forthcoming book on the claims, Rylance writes: “Time will celebrate those who were not daunted by the fearmongering of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and its supporters in the media and academia.

1 Article
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Dr. Marc Siegel: Diabetes and America – We can't afford more deaths because of rising insulin prices

Sunday 21:49 GMT

Over 7 million of them use insulin, which is skyrocketing in price and creating a public health crisis that will lead to needless deaths and billions of dollars of avoidable health care costs.

As insulin continues to become more and more expensive, many people with diabetes who require it can’t afford it and find they have to ration its use. Tragically, news reports say some people have even died because they’ve reduced their expensive insulin dose to save money.

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