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DOJ, Sessions announce Chicago will get additional law enforcement resources, filed opposition to consent decree

Saturday 18:10 GMT

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday revealed that the Justice Department would be giving Chicago law enforcement additional resources to help combat crime and also filed a brief in opposition to a proposal to reform city policing practices.

“The Statement of Interest ‘asks the court not to enter the Proposed Consent Decree but, rather, to allow state and local officials – and Chicago’s brave front-line police officers – to engage in flexible and localized efforts to advance the goal of safe, effective, and constitutional policing in Chicago,” the news release said.

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Hurricane Michael unleashed ‘widespread catastrophic damage’ at Tyndall Air Force Base, officials say

Friday 18:13 GMT

Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida, suffered “severe damage” to “the base infrastructure” as a result of getting pummeled by Hurricane Michael, base officials said Thursday.

Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB) posted an update on Facebook earlier Thursday, saying that recovery teams had uncovered “widespread catastrophic damage" at the facility. And while inspecting some of the base’s housing locations, teams “found widespread roof damage to nearly every home.”

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3 companies win major Air Force rocket contracts

Saturday 09:00 GMT

United Launch Alliance, Northrup Grumman and Blue Origin, a company owned by Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos, were awarded major Air Force contracts Wednesday totaling more than $2 billion to develop next-generation rockets capable of boosting high-value national security payloads into orbit.

ULA will launch the rocket from pads it already operates at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Vandenberg Air Fore Base, Calif.

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7 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces at Gaza border protests: health officials

Saturday 20:00 GMT

READ MORE: Israel kills 7 Palestinians, 2 of them children, during protests at Gaza border fence. Gaza medics said that, in addition to the seven dead, around 140 others were wounded.

WATCH: Palestinians say one killed, dozens wounded as Israeli troops fire on Gaza protest. The Palestinian protesters are demanding an end to an Israeli and Egyptian blockade on the narrow coastal strip, which is home to around 2 million Gazans.

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Hurricane Michael left Tyndall Air Force Base 'devastated,' fighter jets spared thanks to evacuation plan

Saturday 17:15 GMT

But some quick thinking and a scramble to beat the clock before landfall may have saved the government billions of dollars. The Panama City base sustained "severe" damage that "requires extensive cleanup and repairs," Col.

HURRICANE MICHAEL UNLEASHED ‘WIDESPREAD CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE’ AT TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, OFFICIALS SAY. “The flight line is devastated. And when Michael blew ashore, it soon became evident how important Tyndall's preparations had been.

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Fire on German high-speed train forces evacuation

Saturday 13:35 GMT

The high-speed train line between the German cities of Cologne and Frankfurt has been closed after fire engulfed two carriages of an express.

A high-speed train traveling from the western German city of Cologne to Munich in the south caught fire early on Friday, prompting a large-scale rescue operation, in which all 510 passengers escaped to safety. Two carriages from the Intercity-Express (ICE) train were engulfed by the flames, whose smoke was smelled by a policeman on the train who then activated the emergency brakes, according to the mass-circulation Bild daily.

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'Complete devastation' at Tyndall AFB after direct hit from Michael

Saturday 22:45 GMT

When Hurricane Michael struck Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida head on Wednesday, it caused extensive destruction to the base and damaged some military aircraft inside hangars that were affected as well.

With no food, power, fuel or running water available on the base, his team will have enough supplies to sustain them for five days while they begin the arduous task of beginning 24-hour operations at the base.

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