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Source: Reuters

Kraft Heinz write-down puts focus on years of cost cuts, shares slump

Today 13:34 GMT

(Reuters) - Kraft Heinz Co shares fell 20 percent on a slew of bad news, mainly centering on a multi-billion dollar write-down, which had investors wondering if years of rigorous cost cuts came at the expense of losing the value of its marquee Kraft and Oscar Mayer brands.

“The dividend cut, the $15.8 billion write-down of the Kraft and Oscar Mayer trademarks, and the guidance for further divestitures demonstrate the hallmarks of a company that has a serious balance sheet problem,” Moskow said.

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Source: The Guradian

Jena Friedman: the outrageous talkshow host women have been waiting for

Today 06:04 GMT

Yet the newbie talkshow Soft Focus With Jena Friedman is thrillingly unexpected: a bold blend of feminist politics and heart-in-your-mouth edginess.

Created by Friedman, a New York-based standup whose show American C*nt (her spelling) got rave reviews at the Edinburgh festival fringe in 2015, Soft Focus is a gonzo-style magazine show, whose second offering is now on Adult Swim. Although it has only run for a slim total of 40 minutes so far, it has featured a wannabe cannibal on a dating game, a suspected murderer running for president and the CEO of a sex doll company.

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