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Source: BBC

How being a student gun control activist took its toll

Thursday 13:36 GMT

After surviving the Parkland school massacre in Florida in February 2018 Cameron Kasky helped lead a youth campaign for gun control.

"I'm very pro gun control… and when I'm with other people who are pro gun control I start to think, 'If you don't think this you must be a really bad person.' And then I met these people and I said, 'These people are not bad people.'. "If I vilify half the people in this country where is that going to bring me?

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Source: The Guradian

Parkland one year on: what victories have gun control advocates seen?

Friday 06:04 GMT

Gun violence prevention advocates have seen important victories in the past year:. Last spring, after March for Our Lives attracted more than 1 million protesters at rallies across the country, the youth protest movement turned their attention to voter registration and turnout.

Jackie Corin, one of the Parkland leaders, is now working to train regional organizers, and expand the group’s network across the country, in preparation for leading even bigger youth voter registration and turnout efforts in 2020.

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