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Hurricane Michael left Tyndall Air Force Base 'devastated,' fighter jets spared thanks to evacuation plan


But some quick thinking and a scramble to beat the clock before landfall may have saved the government billions of dollars. The Panama City base sustained "severe" damage that "requires extensive cleanup and repairs," Col.

HURRICANE MICHAEL UNLEASHED ‘WIDESPREAD CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE’ AT TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, OFFICIALS SAY. “The flight line is devastated. And when Michael blew ashore, it soon became evident how important Tyndall's preparations had been.

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Source: Washington Post

Trump, first lady tour parts of Florida, Georgia devastated by Hurricane Michael

Tuesday 15:27 GMT

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump are touring parts of Florida and Georgia that have been devastated by Hurricane Michael, as hundreds of thousands of residents remain without electricity and a long, slow recovery effort is underway.

Since Thursday, 17,000 utility workers have arrived to rebuild and repair the crippled infrastructure, and 2,000 cellphone company workers and 18,000 search-and-rescue personnel have arrived in the region, joining 4,000 Florida National Guard troops and multitudes of police and firefighters.

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