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Hurricane Michael damage could be worst in decades, warns Florida governor

Thursday 02:26 GMT

Hurricane Michael could cause "devastating damage" along the Florida Panhandle when it makes landfall later on Wednesday, the state's governor, Rick Scott, warned.

Scott said Michael could be the worst storm in decades to hit the state's northwest, also known as the Florida Panhandle. Rick Knabb, the former head of the Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC), urged residents to evacuate immediately and avoid seeking shelter in high-rise buildings.

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Hurricane Michael: Why it may cause less damage than Florence

Thursday 20:01 GMT

Despite carrying winds topping 150 miles per hour, Hurricane Michael could end up causing less economic pain in Florida and other affected states because of the sheer speed of the Category 4 storm.

Global analytics and modeling firm CoreLogic forecasts damage of between $2 billion and $4.5 billion from Michael, far less than other recent storms. Unlike Hurricane Florence, Michael is a fast-moving storm that's likely to maintain its intensity even after making landfall Wednesday afternoon, according to Risk Management Solutions, another modeling firm.

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Record-breaking 'hell' hurricane mauls US

Thursday 20:56 GMT

The most powerful hurricane ever to hit north-west Florida has flooded beach towns, submerging homes and snapping trees like twigs.

Reuters news agency reports that Michael is the third-most powerful storm ever to make landfall in the mainland US, after Hurricane Camille in Mississippi in 1969 and the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 in Florida. Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Brock Long said at the White House that he was especially concerned about buildings constructed before 2001, and not able to withstand such high winds.

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Hurricane Michael by the numbers: Over 700,000 homes, businesses without power

Friday 14:33 GMT

Hurricane Michael, a historic Category 4 storm, struck the Florida Panhandle early Wednesday afternoon, unleashing heavy rain, high winds and a devastating storm surge.

500: The number of disaster relief workers that the American Red Cross was sending to affected areas in the Sunshine State.

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Pet lover helps dozens of cats and dogs escape Hurricane Florence on a school bus

Friday 18:13 GMT

To date, Alsup has loaded 64 animals — 53 dogs and 11 cats — into his bus to escape the flooding, the Greenville News reports.

Tony Alsup decided to drive a big yellow school bus from his home in Greenville, Tennessee, toward South Carolina and into the path of the impending storm — but there was a reason behind his odd route. As Hurricane Florence approached the East Coast last week, one man began planning an elaborate evacuation.

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How Dutch stormwater management could have mitigated damage from Hurricane Florence

Friday 23:41 GMT

For four days Hurricane Florence crawled up the East Coast dumping record rainfall – more than 35 inches in North Carolina – flooding thousands of homes and taking dozens of lives.

A Dutch design team came up with the winning plans, with a Dutch twist: a storm surge defense disguised as a park with a boathouse, benches and outdoor seating as barriers to keep the Hudson from drowning the city again.

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From Harvey to Michael: how America's year of major hurricanes unfolded

Today 14:32 GMT

The US has now been hit by four category 4 hurricanes of 130mph-plus – Harvey, Irma, Maria and Michael – in the past two storm seasons, the most in 150 years of records.

Michael arrived on its heels, but a different beast – a tropical storm that within two days morphed into a major hurricane, unleashing a sneak attack on Florida’s panhandle. Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s governor, called Florence an “epic storm that brought unprecedented, widespread disasters”, causing an estimated $13bn in damages.

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