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Stendhal syndrome: can art really be so beautiful it makes you ill?

Today 05:10 GMT

The man is recovering in hospital, but it is the latest apparent case of Stendhal syndrome, a medical condition specific to the Tuscan city in which people become ill after too much beauty.

It is named after one of the earliest recorded cases, when the French novelist and critic Stendhal made himself sick on art here in 1817. There is substantial evidence that Stendhal syndrome is real and unique to Florence.

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20 Minutes With: Salvatore Ferragamo on Running the Family’s Tuscan Winery

Tuesday 01:30 GMT

Ferruccio Ferragamo, one of six children of the Italian fashion legend, Salvatore Ferragamo, and today the company’s chairman, began taking his family to Il Borro, an estate in the countryside of Tuscany, 45 minutes north of their home in Florence, in the mid-1980s.

Salvatore Ferragamo, 47, Ferruccio’s son, and his grandfather’s namesake, is CEO of the sprawling enterprise, which involves his sister, Vittoria, who manages the gardens and the village, that includes among its artisans and shops an outlet with clothes designed by Vivia, another sister.

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