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Source: The Guradian

Video of woman in Canada throwing chairs from 45th floor sparks outrage

Friday 03:19 GMT

A 19-year-old woman has turned herself in to Canadian police to face charges of allegedly throwing two chairs from a 45th storey balcony in Toronto, narrowly missing cars on a road below.

A widely-viewed video shot from the apartment balcony shows a woman throwing one of the chairs, which plummets to the street below.

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Source: Global News

U.S. House Judiciary Committee sends gun control legislation to Congress floor, for a vote

Friday 03:19 GMT

Stacey Abrams takes on gun control: First graders are doing active shooter drills. If approved by the full House, the bill would be the most significant gun-control legislation approved by either chamber of Congress in at least a decade.

A key House committee approved a bill Wednesday to require background checks for all sales and transfers of firearms, a first step by majority Democrats to tighten gun laws after eight years of Republican rule.

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