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Creative Ideas for Floor Tiling

Thursday 01:32 GMT

It is fun to mix it up and create interesting tile borders for example; adding metal detailing can finish a floor beautifully, making it more polished.

"In colder climates, installing radiant heating under tile is a great way to enjoy the durability and look of tile, while keeping the floor warm to the touch. "There are a huge variety of tile selections available now, with options for flooring and accents throughout the home.

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Germany's CDU party to vote on Angela Merkel's successor

Friday 09:54 GMT

Despite the party increasingly having turned its back on her since the refugee crisis of 2015 – which saw her accused of failing to secure either party or parliamentary backing before her decision to allow over one million refugees to enter Germany – she is recognised as someone who has had a profound impact on modernising the party.

Spahn, once seen as a front runner in his attempt to succeed Merkel, has been considered an outsider ever since Merz announced his decision to run less than half an hour after Merkel said she would no longer be standing for the CDU leadership on 29 October, after the party suffered a disastrous election result in elections in the state of Hesse.

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Six-Story, Late-Regency Home in Belgravia, London, Asks £20M

Saturday 20:00 GMT

Built in 1827, the 6,337-square-foot home is attached to other houses on Wilton Crescent, a street whose terraced houses were "reclad in stone at the beginning of the 20th century, which gives them that very impressive exterior," said Kirsty Sugden, the agent from Dexters who is handling the listing.

More: London Mansion Sells for £39 Million, One of City’s Priciest Transactions of the Year. There’s ample room for accommodation, between staff rooms and five bedrooms that are all en-suite, according to the brochure.

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Palu tsunami clue found on seafloor

Tuesday 22:46 GMT

This, combined with a sharp movement of the crust northwards, could certainly have produced a tsunami, the Indonesian scientist said.

This history is evidenced in the local culture where there are specific words to describe features of a tsunami and a quake. In the September event, Palu witnessed a lot liquefaction, where the structure of soils in the city was seen to collapse, to become fluidised and flow even on very low gradients.

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