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Fliers Find an Old Friend on More Planes: Empty Seats

Today 18:11 GMT

A 737-800 laid out to carry 166 passengers would have 27 empty seats on average last year, while the smaller 737-200 commonly used in 1978 was barely half full, with 45 vacant spots for travelers to spread out.

Lori Bassani, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, said she has noticed more empty seats on recent flights. The bigger planes mean more revenue for airlines, even if not every seat is filled, said Mike Boyd, president of aviation consulting firm Boyd Group International Inc.. Crowded flights and the race they trigger to snag overhead-bin space and avoid middle seats—where even some airline CEOs fear to tread—are among the most common passenger complaints, according to consumer surveys.

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Heavy Snow Threatens Travel Over Holiday Weekend

Sunday 06:03 GMT

A winter storm threatening a wide stretch of the country could keep travelers grounded over the long holiday weekend, another headache for passengers already facing the prospect of lengthy security lines at some airports.

People who work in airport security and other roles in the aviation industry are eligible to become members and qualify for the loan program.

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Winter storm in U.S. Northeast has flights cancelled, states declare emergency

Sunday 22:44 GMT

A winter storm that has blanketed the U.S. Midwest with snow advanced on the U.S. Northeast on Saturday, forcing the cancellation of flights and train service during a holiday weekend when many Americans were traveling.

The Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings or advisories for a swath of the eastern United States that is home to 100 million people, said meteorologist Rich Otto of the U.S. Weather Prediction Center.

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Winter storm sweeping across US, with more than 100M Americans in its path

Sunday 07:08 GMT

A massive winter storm swept across the Midwest on Friday, bound for New England, where it was projected to dump as much as 2 feet of snow over the weekend.

Conditions "could approach blizzard criteria" in many areas, the weather service said, as it issued winter storm warnings from the Dakotas, across the Great Lakes states and into the upper Norttheast. The National Weather Service said more than 116 million people live within its path.

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