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Bumped from a flight It could land you a windfall

Tuesday 19:06 GMT

Specifically, If you're denied boarding on a domestic U.S. flight because the airline overbooked the plane and wasn't able to convince enough passengers to "volunteer" to take another flight, you can be eligible for compensation of up to $1,350.

For instance, if the flight you're rebooked on arrives within two hours of the previous flight's planned arrival, you can be compensated up to 200 percent of the cost of your one-way ticket to a maximum of $675.

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First Airbus ACJ320neo Takes Flight

Tuesday 17:17 GMT

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The price for a new A320neo airliner is around $110 million, and while Airbus does not publish a price, a “green” (no paint/no interior) ACJ320neo is expected cost around $95 million. Cost of completions vary depending on individual tastes and budgets with basic interiors starting in the $5 million range.

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Space: how far have we gone – and where are we going?

Tuesday 11:45 GMT

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese fashion billionaire and art collector, is funding such a mission slated for 2023 and says he is going to invite artists with him for the week-long trip to re-engage the public in the wonder of our universe.

Others say paying for human space flight pumps money into the economy, arguing that spin-off companies from space research and a growing commercial space industry generates seven to 14 times the cost of missions.

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