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Why did Mueller wait to answer collusion question, Bush AG Michael Mukasey asks

Sunday 08:58 GMT

Speaking to Fox News host Bill Hemmer on the latest episode of the “Hemmer Time” podcast, Mukasey asked why Mueller did not reveal the most important piece of information he uncovered until submitting his report to Attorney General William Barr. “When did Bob Mueller know, or when did the people who worked with him know, that there was no coordination, which is what they were looking for?” the ex-AG said to Hemmer.

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Trump takes aim at ‘highly conflicted’ Mueller, ‘fake news media’ amid Russia report fallout

Sunday 14:28 GMT

While declaring that “The Russia Hoax is dead!”. “Despite the fact that the Mueller Report should not have been authorized in the first place & was written as nastily as possible by 13 (18) Angry Democrats who were true Trump Haters, including highly conflicted Bob Mueller himself, the end result is No Collusion, No Obstruction!” he tweeted. TRUMP RAILS AGAINST ASSOCIATES WHO SPOKE TO MUELLER, CALLS CLAIM 'TOTAL BULL---T'. He went on to accuse the “fake news media” of “doing everything possible to stir up and anger the pols and as many people as possible seldom mentioning the fact that the Mueller Report had as its principle conclusion the fact that there was NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA.”

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Dem leaders reject immediate impeachment proceedings in urgent conference call

Tuesday 22:44 GMT

House Democrat leaders backed off the idea of immediately launching impeachment proceedings against President Trump in an urgent conference call Monday evening, amid a growing rift among the party's rank-and-file members, presidential contenders and committee chairs on the contentious issue.

Fox News is told by two senior sources on the conference call that even House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters, an anti-Trump firebrand, told fellow Democrats that while she personally favored going forward with impeachment proceedings, she was not pushing for other members to join her.

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Hillary Clinton warns Dems about impeachment push, says she was 'target of a Russian plot'

Today 01:30 GMT

“I am someone who, by a strange twist of fate, was a young staff attorney on the House Judiciary Committee’s Watergate impeachment inquiry in 1974, as well as first lady during the impeachment process that began in 1998.

GEORGE CONWAY PRAISES HILLARY CLINTON FOR HER OP-ED ON MUELLER PROBE: 'I'M WITH HER'. Clinton’s op-ed was published after Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray explained why he believes the former secretary of state is “exactly wrong” to claim President Trump would have been indicted if he weren’t president.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte