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Source: Washington Post

Virginia’s House Republicans finally put their weight behind Medicaid expansion

Today 06:04 GMT

The plan sets up a confrontation with the state Senate, which is also controlled by Republicans and has signaled that it will not include Medicaid expansion in its budget proposal, which was due out later Sunday.

Virginia’s Republican-controlled House of Delegates has created a draft state budget that expands Medicaid, dropping years of partisan resistance in the face of pressure from newly empowered Democrats.

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Source: NBC News

Black comic creators discuss breaking down barriers to finally gain representation

Friday 21:53 GMT

Hess said she and other comic fanatics did not have black superheroes to look up to when they were growing up because the only time comics included black characters were when they were depicted as villains.

Khary Randolph, a renown black comic book artist and cover illustrator of “Black,” said that several people are involved in the multi-step process of creating a comic character. In some situations, the race of the character is pre-determined by the writers and editors, but other times, it is completely up to the illustrator to visualize what the character will look like, as long as it stays within description guidelines and matches the script.

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Source: The Guradian

With Carrie and Samantha’s spat, we finally get to watch the real Sex and the City 3

Saturday 08:06 GMT

Last week, Carrie and Samantha’s long-running battle went from being just a virtual rumour and became part of virtual reality (yes, good pun) when Samantha told her followers on Instagram exactly where Carrie could stick her condolences for the recent death of Samantha’s brother, and it wasn’t anywhere Chanel made accessories for.

(“Honey, if you’re talking to a man called Piers you’ve reached the end of the pier,” Carrie could have warned her, if Samantha and Carrie still spoke to one another). Now, as all fans of Sex and the City know, nothing good ever comes from taking the show out of New York City (don’t even mention the Los Angeles episode, and let’s not even say the words “Abu Dhabi”), but Samantha was not for turning.

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Source: New York Times

In District Known for Failure, Will the State Finally Step In?

Saturday 23:41 GMT

The state has only ever once taken over a district completely, when in 2002 it took control of the Roosevelt School District, a nearby district with similar demographics to Hempstead.

When it comes to educational dysfunction, the Hempstead school district in Nassau County on Long Island is in a class by itself. For almost 30 years, the district has been failing its students, most of whom are Hispanic and black.

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Source: The Guradian

Time's finally up for Hollywood's Lolita complex

Saturday 06:05 GMT

Calling out abuse in a libertine age is never going to be a cut-and-dried proposition, but if the #MeToo movement accomplishes anything, it will be to shine a spotlight on those recesses of male vanity that have provided artistic cover, and ingenious disguise, for the exploitation of child-women.

Nymphetmania has a long and hoary pedigree in Hollywood, and flourished years before Nabokov gave us the Lolita syndrome.

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