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Dave Chappelle says R. Kelly wanted to fight him after ‘golden shower’ skit

Saturday 19:59 GMT

READ MORE: Authorities ask R. Kelly sex-abuse accusers, witnesses to come forward. Billboard added that Kelly has been removed from the RCA website, and “reps for Sony and R. Kelly could not be immediately reached.”

The comedian recorded the 2003 skit for The Chappelle Show after Kelly was arrested in 2002 over the sex tape that allegedly saw him urinate on an underage girl. Dave Chappelle claims that he was threatened by R. Kelly’s “goons” after making fun of the I Believe singer with the infamous ‘Piss on You‘ sketch.

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Source: Global News

Mom charged with child endangerment after video shows 2-year-old in car seat falling out of moving vehicle

Saturday 12:39 GMT

Authorities have formally charged a Minnesota mother after video shows her two-year-old daughter falling out of a moving vehicle onto a roadway while strapped in a car seat.

Maimuna Hassan of Mankato, Minn., was charged Thursday with child endangerment, failing to properly secure a child passenger restraint and a misdemeanor driver’s licence violation. Police in Mankato responded to a call on Monday reporting a child in the middle of a roadway after the toddler, still strapped to a car seat, had toppled out of the car as it rounded a bend in the road.

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Bruce Willis Asks $12.95 Million for New York Country Retreat

Saturday 17:14 GMT

Actor Bruce Willis and his wife Emma are listing their 22-acre country estate near Bedford Corners, N.Y., for $12.95 million as the couple plans a move to the West Coast.

“The only reasons we are giving it up is because we are so far from our California family, which is why we have decided to return to the West Coast and make our home there,” Mr. Willis, 63, said in a statement. “Our youngest daughter Mabel said last week that she wishes we could put lots of balloons on our house, like they did in the movie ‘Up’, and send it to the West Coast.

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Source: The Week

M. Night Shyamalan's Glass is better than you've heard

Saturday 11:44 GMT

Glass is not an action movie by any stretch, but when characters fight, Shyamalan doesn't shoot the conflicts to show off elaborate choreography or special effects.

Glass may be overstuffed, but it rarely feels rushed, because Shyamalan's camera holds such a steady gaze, more interested in his characters' feelings than their physical grappling. Yet Glass' sometimes-goofy philosophizing gives the movie a distinct point of view, binding the story together even as it must divvy up screentime.

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From femme fatale to cattle rancher: how Barbara Stanwyck bucked convention

Saturday 11:44 GMT

Femme fatale, cattle rancher, screwball comedian or melodrama queen: Stanwyck inhabited them all, but her best characters were always fighters who had tasted the bitterness of life.

Who is the subject of a BFI season, Starring Barbara Stanwyck – was not just unusually streetsmart and independent for a Hollywood star of the golden age, but superbly versatile, too.

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