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Joy Villa dresses as a border wall, Ricky Rebel rocks pro-Trump MAGA merch

Monday 22:44 GMT

Joy Villa made her annual MAGA statement on the 2019 Grammys red carpet, and this time the "Make America Great Again" singer had some company: Ricky Rebel.

Villa, 27, dressed as a barbed wire border wall on her way into the Grammys with a silver dress and crown with a red Make America Great Again purse. Once inside, she ditched the shell and showed off a low-cut gown emblazoned with bricks and a back that read, "BUILD THE WALL."

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Source: The Guradian

PSG’s Gianluigi Buffon takes turn to try to fill the only gap on his CV

Tuesday 19:59 GMT

When Paris Saint-German signed Gianluigi Buffon last summer in the hope that he could help satisfy their craving for Champions League success, it looked like a move that illustrated why the French club will never be European champions under their Qatari regime.

David de Gea and Areola must have slipped his mind but now they, like him, will have a big say in whether Buffon gets yet another chance to lift the European Cup.

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Cardi B goes on expletive-filled rant about Grammy-win haters before deleting Instagram account

Wednesday 11:44 GMT

The 26-year-old rapper reportedly quit her account shortly after posting, and subsequently deleting, an expletive-filled video rant in which fired back at her haters and passionately explained how much work went into her Grammy-winning album, “Invasion of Privacy.”

“While everybody was harassing me like, ‘You’re not gonna do it, we know you pregnant, your career’s over…'”. As People reports, Cardi B posted a cleaner version of her complaint on Instagram shortly before deleting her account from the app altogether.

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Sarah Silverman rips Trump in expletive-filled tweet about Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Wednesday 20:01 GMT

However, in response to Donald Trump’s latest tweet about Sen. Amy Klobuchar and global warming, she turned things up a notch.

Silverman responded to the tweet with an expletive-filled tirade directed at the president, opting less for rebutting his statements and more for insulting his character. “No point in explaining how mind blowingly stupid this tweet is so I’m just gonna go with F--- YOU, and also add that you are a smelly penis hole with balls that touch water.

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Rev. Jeffress on Border Wall: Trump Fulfilling 'God-Ordained Task to Maintain Order, Protect Citizens'

Thursday 21:52 GMT

Rev. Robert Jeffress and Dr. Emir Caner joined Todd Starnes on Fox Nation's "Starnes Country" to discuss President Trump's pledge to build a border wall, as well as left-wing Democrats' support for late-term and post-term abortion.

Jeffress said it is Trump's "God-ordained task to maintain order" in the United States and to "protect citizens against evil." Caner, the president of Truett-McConnell University in Cleveland, Ga., added that physical border security is more than necessary.

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Source: Global News

Wealthy Nova Scotia thief who filled home with pilfered artifacts, art has died

Friday 15:26 GMT

A man who filled his suburban lakeside home with historic artifacts and art stolen over decades of pilfering so stealthy that many of his targets didn’t even know they’d been victimized has died.

Tillmann died two days before Christmas in Musquodoboit Harbour, according to a certificate of death obtained by CTV, which first reported the story of the infamous art thief’s death this week. Tillmann had been charged with trying to kill his mother in 2009, and also served a two-year sentence for extorting, assaulting and threatening an ex-girlfriend.

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Americans value a free gas fill-up over a cash giveaway — but that’s no comfort to risk-averse investors

Friday 18:12 GMT

He cautions, however, that “there is a higher level of uncertainty this year due to issues like trade with China, [the] situation in Venezuela” and production cuts pledged by members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other major oil producers.

“When given the choice, respondents would rather receive a free fill-up than find $20 cash on the street or get their dinner bill paid for,” the study said.

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Extinct human species lived together in Siberian cave, new research shows

Saturday 15:25 GMT

Bones recently found in a Siberian cave have given researchers a new glimpse into the timeline of an extinct human species.

Denisova Cave is the only site so far discovered that contains their fossils or DNA (which has been extracted from the fossil teeth, bones and even the sediments in the cave), so we can only speculate about the former geographic distribution.

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