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Toronto woman in chair-throwing case faced ‘peer pressure,’ lawyer says. Will this fly in court?

Friday 08:06 GMT

The lawyer of the woman charged with throwing a chair off a Toronto highrise said she was under peer pressure and is now traumatized by the event.

Even if her lawyer does bring up the alleged peer pressure in court, experts say it doesn’t hold weight as a legal defence. READ MORE: Woman seen on video tossing chair from Toronto highrise appears in court . Marcella Zoia, 19, a dental hygienist student, was released on bail Wednesday and faces multiple charges including mischief endangering life in connection to the chair-throwing case.

1 Article
Source: Global News

Shortage of sailors a cause for concern for Royal Canadian Navy

Friday 16:22 GMT

A shortage of sailors is making it hard for the Royal Canadian Navy to operate its ships and work on replacing them at the same time, according to a senior naval officer.

In a recent interview with The Canadian Press, navy commander Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd talked about using artificial intelligence to ease workload and the addition of wireless networks to ships as areas where change is coming.

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