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North Koreans fear more sanctions as drought pushes millions towards malnutrition

Today 02:28 GMT

Sanctions and the worst drought for almost two decades threaten to cause severe hardship for millions of people in North Korea, while the country’s leadership continues to plough scarce resources into its missile and nuclear programmes, according to UN agencies and those with contacts in the impoverished nation.

While living standards have improved for some North Koreans under Kim Jong-un’s leadership, many of the country’s 25 million people face a struggle to secure enough food while others risk losing their jobs due to sanctions, according to Jiro Ishimaru, a Japanese documentary maker who runs a network of citizen journalists inside North Korea.

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Trudeau government fearful a massive refugee surge could hurt 2019 re-election campaign

Today 02:27 GMT

Canada fears a huge surge in asylum seekers crossing the border from the United States, putting political pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ahead of a 2019 election, sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

NDP MP says Trudeau Liberals misleading asylum seekers over border crossings. Two sources familiar with Canadian government thinking said citizens from El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, who are slated to lose their U.S. protected status in early 2018, may also head north.

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Source: New York Times

Far from Winner’s Circle, Saratoga Track Workers Fear Deportation

Wednesday 16:23 GMT

“They heard that ICE went into restaurants and asked all the workers for their papers,” and were anxious that something similar would happen at the racetrack, said Mario Alvarado, 30, a Mexican immigrant who works as an exercise rider at the Saratoga track.

Leonard D’Arrigo, a lawyer in Albany who helps trainers obtain seasonal visas for immigrant workers, said immigration officials had reviewed trainers’ employment records at Saratoga looking for undocumented backstretch workers.

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Source: New York Times

Russia Detains Theater Director, Adding to Fears of a Crackdown

Wednesday 14:33 GMT

The Russian authorities have detained an acclaimed theater director on suspicion of embezzling more than $1 million in government funds, investigators said on Tuesday, renewing fears of a crackdown on artists in the country.

Mr. Serebrennikov won a special prize at the Cannes Film Festival last year for “The Student,” about religious extremism in Russia.

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