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Kathryn Harrison's book recommendations

Monday 10:51 GMT

Kathryn Harrison's new memoir, On Sunset, revisits her Los Angeles childhood and the grandparents who raised her on family stories.

Set in Sicily in the 1860s, it's a melancholy narrative, one driven by loss, as it follows the attempts of Don Fabrizio, prince of Salina (modeled on Lampedusa's great-grandfather), to navigate the collapse of the old feudal order.

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The tip-off from a Nazi that saved my grandparents

Monday 04:14 GMT

When Alexander Bodin Saphir's Jewish grandfather was measuring a high-ranking Nazi for a suit in Copenhagen 75 years ago he got an important tip-off - the Jews were about to be rounded up and deported.

It was a cold October night 75 years ago when my grandparents, Fanny and Raphael Bodin, stood on the dock of a harbour on the east coast of Denmark with their 15-month-old daughter, Lis, in their arms.

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Daughter uses genealogy site to reunite with her mother after 64 year search

Sunday 19:04 GMT

“When I was born, all (my mother) remembers is seeing the top of my head and the black tuft of hair,” Valade said, adding that her mother explained all those years ago. “‘Rose, I couldn't do anything, they took you from me, I couldn't have kept you anyway,’” Valade paraphrased.

The two sisters then embarked on trip to San Diego, Calif., where their 84-year-old mother had settled down after marrying and raising her family.

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Am I too young to write my autobiography No way!

Sunday 15:24 GMT

The headlines for youth are of stabbings and crime, but what about the 17-year-old girl I met in south London who wants to be a standup comedian?

You don’t need to hire a band and dancers like I’m doing on Sunday at London’s Southbank Centre; but every life has a story and it’s worth telling.

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Border patrol arrests of migrant family members hit all-time high in September, DHS says

Sunday 14:29 GMT

A recent increase in migrants crossing into the U.S. from Mexico caused agitation at the White House this week and reportedly led to a heated shouting match between two of the president's top advisers. Border Patrol arrests of migrant families have been surging since the family separation policy ended earlier this year, with nearly 17,000 family members arrested in September.

The United Church of Christ is one of seven Tucson churches that have become temporary homes for migrant families just released by ICE.

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Details emerge on 911 call made day Jayme Closs vanished, parents were murdered

Sunday 12:39 GMT

New details have emerged in the case of 13-year-old Jayme Closs, who mysteriously vanished on Monday and whose parents were found shot to death in their Wisconsin home.

New 911 logs appear to indicate Denise’s cellphone placed the 911 call and that James Closs answered the door and was the first to be shot to death. The caller didn’t communicate with police, but noises heard in the background suggested a disturbance or struggle of some kind.

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Trial of eight accused of murdering Honduran activist in chaos

Monday 08:04 GMT

The trial of eight men accused over the murder of Honduran indigenous leader Berta Cáceres has been thrown into disarray after judges ousted the victim’s lawyers from proceedings.

In a statement, the family said: “This fraudulent decision by the court leaves us the victims completely defenceless, because, for two years and a half, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has demonstrated its inability and unwillingness to follow correct judicial process… it shows a commitment by the authorities to maintain in total impunity the criminal structure responsible for the systematic attacks against Copinh and the murder of Berta Cáceres.”

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My mother abandoned my brother and me—am I entitled to know what’s in her will?

Sunday 13:34 GMT

Don’t miss: My father left his home to his kids — my stepmother sold it for $1 million. My mother, however, started her new life and never told anyone in her family about us.

I have met with her and she wants nothing to do with my brother or me, does not want to be called “mom” and has no interest in her grandchildren. She was very successful in her career as senior vice president of a major banking institution and is quite well off financially.

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COMMENTARY: Charles Adler calls on the cowards of St. Albert to turn themselves in

Saturday 15:25 GMT

There is a special place in my heart for Canadians who wear or wore the uniform because without them, my parents wouldn’t have survived the hate that infested the land they were born in, where cowards like you wanted to take away their homes and their jobs because, like you, they didn’t feel that people like my parents were fit to live among them.

If I were you, Coward, I’d turn myself in, confess, and ask Mrs. Anderson and her kids for their forgiveness, and ask your neighbours for forgiveness, and do some things to redeem yourself in the eyes of the community that you claim to care about.

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Guelph, Ont. man pleads guilty to ‘brutal murder’ of his wife

Saturday 13:35 GMT

Details of the brutal murder of Seble “Mimi” Dietrich at the hands of her husband Stephan Dietrich were presented to the Superior Court of Justice Thursday after the defendant pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

The court heard that Stephan Dietrich beat his wife Seble to death with a shovel in the family’s garden shed following an argument over a cell phone bill. Autopsy photos showed evidence of blunt force trauma to Seble’s skull and it was those injuries that caused her death.

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Review: Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal in a floundering marriage in "Wildlife"

Saturday 13:35 GMT

Fourteen-year-old Joe (Ed Oxenbould) sees his home life destabilized when his father, Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal), loses his job as a golf pro at a country club.

An only child may be the fulcrum of a nuclear family – the point around which a couple revolves in all their love, disappointment and distrust – and as such is a powerful witness to the failure of a marriage. It is especially heartrending when a youngster begins to understand all the permutations of his parents' relationship and their individual flaws and insecurities – not to mention being powerless to prevent what he sees as a slowly-moving disaster happen before his eyes.

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The Estate That Wants to Be Silicon Valley’s Priciest Home

Saturday 12:40 GMT

That spot is in Woodside, Calif., now one of Silicon Valley’s richest neighborhoods where the median home price tops $3.6 million and where Larry Ellison and Charles Schwab can live discreetly amongst wooded estates.

Green Gables dates back to between 1907 and 1911, when the area now known as Silicon Valley was a sleepy agglomeration of small towns and fruit orchards. According to great-grandson Marc Fleishhacker, Mr. Fleishhacker, Sr., snapped up 9 parcels of land over several years, and tapped architect Charles Sumner Greene and his brother Henry Mather Greene, who were well-known in the Arts and Crafts movement, to design the main home.

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