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Monica Lewinsky recalls ‘the avalanche of pain’ after Clinton affair in John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’

Today 05:09 GMT

The former White House intern opened up to John Oliver about “the avalanche of pain and humiliation” that she experienced about her affair with then-president Bill Clinton. MONICA LEWINSKY SAYS SHE WAS 'GUTTED' AFTER BILL CLINTON LABELED HER 'THAT WOMAN' IN DOC: 'I FELT ANGER'. Oliver’s show “Last Week Tonight” featured a special segment on public shaming.

“It was interesting because I went to graduate school in 2005 and I graduated in 2006 and I thought, ‘OK, now I will begin my life, I will now put being Monica Lewinsky behind me and move on to be so and so’s employee,” Lewinsky explained. “And when I couldn’t find a job, you know somebody either offered me a job for the wrong reasons, like ‘Oh, you’ll be coming to our events, that’s your job, and there’s media there,’ or people saying to me like, ‘Well, could you get a letter of indemnification from the Clintons because we rely on government money and Hillary might be president,” she added.

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