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Question at Murder Trial, ‘Have You Ever Hired a Nanny’

Friday 20:04 GMT

It went this week in a 13th-floor courtroom in Manhattan Supreme Court, where a judge, prosecutors and defense lawyers are questioning New Yorkers to determine if they can serve as jurors in the trial of a nanny charged with fatally stabbing two young children in her charge.

Called voir dire — occurs in all criminal cases heard by a jury, and as in many other cases, the queries this time touch on a person’s relationship to crime, whether he or she has ever been a victim, whether he or she can devote the time necessary for what is expected to be a long criminal trial.

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Source: CBS News

Danny Trejo speaks from experience in Netflix doc "Survivor's Guide to Prison"

Saturday 08:07 GMT

After a few decades and a successful acting career, Trejo is attempting to pay it forward as he stars in Matthew Cooke's documentary, "Survivor's Guide to Prison," produced by David Arquette and narrated by Susan Sarandon.

Trejo talked with CBS News about the film and shared his thoughts on America's court system and criminal justice reform. A: The first reason is, you're more likely to go to prison in the United States than any other country in the world.

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‘Virtual reality airline’ vows in-flight experience without actually travelling

Friday 19:11 GMT

First Airlines is giving those who want to travel, but have limitations such as money or health, a chance to discover what a plane ride is like through a “virtual reality airline.”

Tokyo residents interested in trying out the virtual reality experience can book their tickets on the airline’s website now. <> ??????FIRST AIRLINES??? ?????????????????????????????? FIRST AIRLINES??????????????????????????????VR?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ?

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Source: The Guradian

Not just homes any more: Airbnb expands into hotels and luxury spots

Friday 20:04 GMT

Airbnb has expanded its offering to include hotels, luxury properties and a loyalty programme for guests as the California startup shifts towards a full-service travel-booking company.

Airbnb Plus homes are inspected in person by Airbnb for cleanliness, comfort and design and come with a dedicated support team, making the company a direct challenger to the London-headquartered home rental firm OneFineStay.

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Source: Huffington Post

Florida Massacre Survivor Describes Harrowing Experience Of Being Mistaken For Shooter

Thursday 20:02 GMT

I then hear the banging on the doors of the auditorium, and I run downstairs to see a hundred people banging on the door.

They demanded again, and I, not trying to be one of those news stories of someone dying wrongfully because they refused to put their hands up, I just dropped my phone at that moment and kept going.

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Source: The Guradian

Why does literature ignore pregnancy?

Friday 14:32 GMT

Think of Madame Bovary, whose labour is not only comically abrupt, but confirmed by her husband, as though she had somehow been absent herself:. Although a fundamentally female experience, pregnancy exists in literature, when it does so at all, as a male problem.

This is what felt transgressive about the notion of writing a novel about pregnancy: that in doing so a female body might be required to stand both for itself and for something other, the experience of which is not uniquely female at all.

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The American Experience of Frederick Douglass

Friday 15:27 GMT

A reformer and writer who thought deeply about the place of African-Americans in the broader American experience, he demands attention today as much as he did in the ominous years leading up to the Civil War and the period of unresolved racial conflict in its aftermath.

February is Black History Month, which happens to coincide this year with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederick Douglass, the most distinguished and influential African-American public figure in the first century of our country.

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Ashton Kutcher reveals he didn’t eat for a week following divorce from Demi Moore

Thursday 15:28 GMT

READ MORE: Ashton Kutcher makes plea to media to stop publishing photos of his children. Kutcher and Moore announced their separation in 2011 after six years of marriage and were officially divorced in 2013.

READ MORE: Ashton Kutcher testifies before U.S. Senate committee on human trafficking. Kutcher said his experience at the retreat was “really spiritual and kind of awesome.” “It was almost like an AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) exercise, where I was like, ‘I probably have done some damage,’ so I just cleared [my] palate.”

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