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Source: The Guradian

Cyclone Oma: surfers enjoy wild swell but downgraded storm could yet intensify

Today 06:04 GMT

East coast surfers have defied warnings about large swells whipped up by ex-cyclone Oma, a sub-tropical system that intensified into a category two storm early on Saturday but was downgraded by 11am after taking a south-eastern turn.

The storm, twice the diameter of 2017’s deadly cyclone Debbie, was tracking south towards Lord Howe Island but was predicted to turn and head north again. The Bureau of Meteorology said it was unpredictable but could re-intensify to category two as it sat about 800km off the coast of Brisbane.

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Source: Fox News

House banking panel to grill Wells Fargo CEO solo

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

Wells Fargo’s CEO Timothy Sloan is expected to testify solo in front of the House Financial Services Committee, Fox Business has learned, prior to a broader hearing with top executives from several other Wall Street banks.

Waters, along with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, recently sent an initial request for information to Deutsche Bank, the first step in what is expected to be an investigation into past loans the German lender made to President Trump and his businesses.

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