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Source: The Guradian

Police will not examine claims of Russian meddling in Brexit vote

Tuesday 13:35 GMT

Police have said they will not investigate allegations of Russian state interference in the 2016 EU referendum or complaints about the involvement of foreign-based companies.

Confirmation of the narrow scope of any future police investigation comes as lawyers for the Fair Vote Project prepare to lodge a judicial review challenge this week over the government’s refusal to hold an inquiry. Downing Street’s refusal is partially on the grounds that both the Metropolitan police and the Electoral Commission are dealing with all such allegations.

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Source: Global News

Investigators yet to examine Irving Oil refinery blast site, area remains ‘hot zone’

Tuesday 15:27 GMT

A week after a fiery explosion at Canada’s largest oil refinery rocked the east side of Saint John, N.B., investigators say they have yet to examine the blast site because it remains a “hot zone.”

At least four workers received minor injuries on Oct. 8 as swirling flames and black smoke rose into the sky above the sprawling Irving Oil refinery, which produces more than 320,000 barrels of refined products every day.

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Source: Washington Post

Special counsel examines conflicting accounts as scrutiny of Roger Stone and WikiLeaks deepens

Today 08:05 GMT

In recent weeks, a grand jury in Washington has listened to more than a dozen hours of testimony and FBI technicians have pored over gigabytes of electronic messages as part of the special counsel’s quest to solve one burning mystery: Did longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone — or any other associate of the president — have advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans to release hacked Democratic emails in 2016?

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