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Comicsgate: What is it, exactly, and what’s going on?

Tuesday 11:46 GMT

Hardly a new phenomenon, Comicsgate (as it’s called online and around the water cooler) has been circulating and burgeoning since at least 2014.

Comicsgate is all culture war.” WATCH: ‘It’s a bird… it’s a plane’: Looking at how comics became a tool for literacy and art. “The other disturbing thing about Comicsgate is how involved creators have been,” she continued.

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'This Is Exactly Why You Lose': Perino Rips Hillary's Defense of Bill Not Resigning Over Lewinsky

Today 04:16 GMT

Dana Perino reacted to an interview Hillary Clinton gave to CBS News in which she said her husband "absolutely" should not have resigned as president over his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton said the relationship was not an abuse of power and noted that Lewinsky "was an adult" at the time.

This is exactly why you lose," Perino said, noting that retired nursing home administrator Juanita Broaddrick was not given the same treatment by Mrs. Clinton when Broaddrick alleged that President Clinton raped her.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte